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How the USPS Stole My Vote

A week or so ago I posted my ballot, detailing how I voted in this year’s elections. Well, my vote wasn’t counted. Not beacuse of nefarious electronic voting machines, not because a poll worker nixed my ballot, and not for any other obvious criminal reasons. My vote was not counted because the United States Post Office, with its federally-mandated monopoly on our postal system, could not deliver my ballot to the county clerk’s office. Instead, they sent it back to my house (it took them nearly two weeks to do so…go figure).

Why? That’s a good question. No markings on the envelope detail the reason. There’s no “insufficient postage” stamp (the stamp is stamped over to make it “used”), no “return to sender” stamp, no “undeliverable” stamp. Nothing. Just a pre-printed envelope with the county clerk’s office’s address, my return address in the upper-left corner, proper postage, containing my ballot.

Hmmm… Interesting. My curious wife, thinking it was some kind of election receipt, opened the envelope, thereby making it unuseable to the county clerk. The envelope must be post marked BEFORE election day and must not be “tampered with.”

So now I have lost my right to vote because some incompetent government jackass can’t figure out how to deliver a properly marked envelope!

What’s next?

By the way, it was pointed out to me by a very non-political friend that these are the same people that some morons think should run our health care system…

Apparently, the Post Office losing ballots is nothing new. Do a Google. I’m surprised no one in the main stream media hasn’t picked up on this. OK, I’m not, I forget: all is well in America, so long as your Republicrats win so that the Demopublicans don’t take their place. Silly me for not seeing the big picture here.

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