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UFO Hacker May Spend Rest of Life in Prison

UFO Hacker May Spend Rest of Life in Prison

Last moments of freedom for McKinnon

UFO hacker Gary McKinnon’s last chance of avoiding extradition to the United
States, for a trial that could lead to 70 years in prison or an indefinite
term at Guantanamo, takes place on February 13, when his case will be
decided by London’s Court of Appeal. Since his crime took place on UK soil,
he wants to be tried in the UK, and is appealing extradition to the United
McKinnon’s hacking of NASA computers was accomplished by simply finding
systems that had blank passwords and opening them. He did no damage, and
reported that some NASA files made reference to an apparently extensive
secret US manned presence in space.

While he is apt to get a fair trial in the United Kingdom, there is every
likelihood that the United States will treat him as a terrorist and he will
disappear into the night and fog of American justice. If he is tried,
conviction will be virtually automatic, and sentencing brutal.

Ken Lewis writes in the New Zealand news site M-net that McKinnon, who broke
into US military computers and found evidence of aliens and UFO technology,
faces up to 70 years in a US prison.

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