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The Statist’s Prayer

The Statist’s Prayer
by Bryan Morton

Our Government,
Which art in Washington,
Inculpable be Thy actions.

Thy empire come.
Thy will be done,
Around the globe
As it is in the US.

Give us this day
Our daily bread,
Free retirement, healthcare,
Environmental protection,
Transportation, education,
Protectionist tariffs,
Security, regulation,
Fiat currency, and anything else
the majority of registered voters wants.

And go more into debt,
As we become more debtors.
And lead us into blind obedience,
As we give up our freedom.

For Thine is the Empire,
and our incomes and the military,
and police powers, and the glory,

Or until the loose fiscal policy, borrowing money,
and creating the fiat currency necessary to,
sustain the socialistic paternal State combines
with the insurmountable cost of defense against
the global unrest caused by poor foreign policy
and brings the whole Ponzi scheme crashing to its knees.


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