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After much urging from friends, I finally broke down and watched this movie. I think Natalie Portman is cute and all (a little on the skinny side), but she’s not high on my list of favorite actors. I had no idea who played the man in the mask (turns out to be the guy who was Elrond in Lord of the Rings, a good choice).

Anyway, I knew it was political, but I figured it would be Hollywood political and therefore watered down with political correctness. Turns out it really wasn’t.

So, all doubts aside, I watched this movie not expecting much and was happily surprised. This is really a great flick. I was amazed.

It’s derived from a graphic novel (i.e. thick comic book) and has a very comic bookish feel to it, which works out well for the movie in the end. The political parallels are, of course, stunningly accurate to our own times and prophecy where we are headed. The movie is actually set in London, but they aren’t too far ahead of US in their fascist march…

I highy recommend that you get this movie and watch it. Then have your friends over and watch it again. Then host a party and watch it a third time. Then ponder on it for a while and write some political blaher on the Internet and then watch it again to see if you got it right… It’s worth the look-see. :)

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