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Illuminati Rebel Issues Dire Warning, Battle Call

by Henry Makow Ph.D. (http://www.savethemales.ca)

At the New Year, Leo Zagami, 36, has a urgent message.

The Illuminati plan to “Nazify” the West by the year 2012 and persecute all
believers in God, using the pretext of war, terror and economic collapse.

The scion of an ancient Illuminati family, Zagami had a religious conversion
(to Islam) last June and rebelled. He’d had enough of the horrifying
Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on
inside the lodges, behind closed doors.

On Saturday he posted on his web site Illuminati Confessions names of high
ranking Masons who are ready to do battle with the Satanists. He has
organized his own security detail and even posted a personal phone number to
address serious questions.

“These are the end times; it’s no joke,” Zagami says in an January 3
interview on his website.

“The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you 6 years to
prepare… So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to
stay free under one God before they take complete control and start
persecuting the true believers in the one God. .Get your swords and get
ready to fight to defend your faith or perish.This is a war against Satan so
please wake up in the western countries or you might wake up in a nightmare
one morning in December 2012.”

“From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more
but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this civilization
in front of your eyes..the total NAZIFICATION of the western countries by
2010 before the economic situation starts to badly crack for everyone. Then
social tension will hit a peak never seen before and internal conflicts
could eventually become in 2012: CIVIL WAR!”

“Are you ready to die for God and your believe in a positive change for the
world or are you all a bunch of cowards in the hands of the devil, just
talking and talking with no sense of reality?”

As an ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – Masonic Executive
Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo, Zagami was, until recently, a true insider,
a 33rd degree Freemason, and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2
(Propaganda 2) Lodge. He was the “prince”, prepared to take over from the
older Illuminati “king”, Licio Gelli.

The reason I have overlooked Zagami until now is that he suggests Illuminati
power resides in the Vatican with the Jesuits. I maintain that that the
world central banking cartel, headed by the Rothschilds, calls the shots.
They use Freemasons, Zionists, Jesuits, Vatican, Socialists, Liberals,
Communists, Feminist and Gay acitivists, Neo Cons, all intelligence
agencies, media, foundations etc. to exercise control.

But it would be stupid to continue to overlook Zagami’s invaluable testimony
over an academic disagreement. I don’t think Zagami lets the Zionists off
the hook. He merely focues on what he knows first hand.

The Illuminati is like the mob. Does it matter if the Chicago, London or New
York families are in charge? They are overlapping circles dedicated to the
same perverse end.

Greg Szymanski again deserves our thanks for featuring Zagami on his web
site since October. Jeff Rense also deserves credit for posting Greg’s
stories. The material below is partially a summary from Greg’s interviews.


Zagami describes the world as “a global puppet show in the hands of the
usual families of idiots, who usually never change their ways century after

“They all work together, including Hugo Chavez who really is helping Bush’s
agenda by his theatrical performances,” said Zagami. Chavez is controlled by
the Vatican and working with the New World Order as are all other leaders of
the world’s major government’s and religions.

“This is how they operate with the top layers working together for one
purpose in what they think is the perfect cover-up. Wahabi or Wahibi [the
Saudis] were created by the Zionists and their English friends who think
they are the lost tribe of Israel. The same happened with Arafat and the
so-called Muslim Brotherhood created by the English intelligence.”

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood also might be behind Iranian leaders and
the leaders of the Iraqi Insurgency. It’s all theatre put on for the yokels.

Zagami challenges his former colleagues in Freemasonry to “go public with
your pagan satanic worship and your black magic you bunch of cowards, that’s
what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by
sorcery and black magic .have always used black magic and evil forces . for
domination over their own citizens. They learned these satanic ways from
their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks, the Egyptians,
the Sumerian…its a never ending tale of constant manipulation.of mankind.”

He says G.W. Bush is the son of “the most powerful man in the illuminati and
he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist
Vatican Zionist puppet and it doesn’t really matter if he is in the White
House or not because the Bush will always rule in the present situation any
future actor that goes in the White House now. Remember Anton LaVey founder
of the Church of Satan and Mind War controller of the CIA was a close friend
of George H. Bush, and they planned together the satanic future of his son
George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 a long time ago
when LaVey was still alive.”

He says 666 is everywhere these days: “the Hebrew equivalent of our “w” is
the letter “vav” or “waw”. The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English
“www” transliterated into Hebrew is “vav vav vav”, which numerically is 666.
And you can’t definitely have a business these days without a web site WWW,
then we have the video surveillance and last but not least the micro
chipping coming up. The micro chipping will be the ultimate Mark of the
Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controllers
ready for Armageddon against the Messiah. So we need to rebel before that to
help the coming back of the real Messiah.”

“All religions are corrupt by the illuminati these days including most of
Islam, the Jews, the Evangelical, Protestant and the Born-Again side of
Christianity, all ruled secretly by Freemasonry, the intelligence services,
the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine
antireligious dialogue is almost impossible.”


Leo Zagami sees himself as “the last idealist in the Illuminati.” He says he
is leading a revolt and has some support within the Order. It is a hopeful
sign that courageous and decent men like him should appear at this time. It
would be a far greater sin to spurn a genuine hero than to be taken in by an

The elite is building an abattoir before our eyes: the New World Order. The
events of 9-11 are proof of their intent to use it. We have a choice: To go
like sheep to the slaughter, or to take Zagami’s advice, and prepare.

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