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This Is Not America Anymore

A friend of mine wrote this during an email echange between several of us discussing how we predict the near-future of this country will progress. It’s almost poetic, how he puts it:

I watched the videos of post-confiscation New Orleans and it made my blood boil and my stomach churn. There is a point where I could look into the eyes of a soldier, mayor, President, child, etc. and say, “I do not love this country anymore and I don’t even recognize this place as America.” The bill of rights is gone. It has been replaced by the Communist Manifesto. We have industry leaving and third world criminals coming in. Our education system puts our graduates far behind even some third world nations. Our dollar is a terrible shape and we can neither travel or work without permission from the government. If this is the “freest nation on God’s Green Earth”, than I am ready to die. I have no doubt that those who are now in charge are already planning to make that happen – as soon as they can concoct some nonsensical story that will make them look like heroes for sparing the world from my existence.

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