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Ten Steps To Close Down an Open Society

From Naomi Wolf

1- Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

After September 11, 2001, we began the War on Terror…

2- Create a gulag

Behold Guantanamo Bay and similar facilities, plus the idea of “Enemy Combatants”

3- Develop a thug caste

“Security Contractors” and militarized police forces are these new thugs…not to mention the foreigners in our military!

4- Set up an internal surveillance system

We continually hear about wire tapping, Internet scanners, and more…

5- Harass citizens’ groups

Lots of reports of infiltrations by government agents and provocateurs have been spreading – they seem to be targeting just about every non-establishment group (esp. anti-war and political groups)!

6- Engage in arbitrary detention and release

The TSA does this regularly, as does the Secret Service and others. Even local police are getting in on this act now, detaining citizens without arrest for hours.

7- Target key individuals

Everyone from academics (who hears about non-global-warming research?) to politicians like Ron Paul are being attacked systematically.

8- Control the press

Notice how much stuff you don’t hear on TV broadcasts or in newspapers? Not to mention the constant spin put on things…

9- Dissent equals treason

Witness the current attempts by pundits, sellouts, and others (like Sean Hannity and Limbaugh) to make anyone who doesn’t believe the Bush Party Line into a terrorist.

10- Suspend the rule of law

This part is coming very soon. It coul be argued it’s already happened, since voting outcomes are now very suspect…

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