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Pussies From Nevada

Well, now that the Republican National Committee’s little shindig is over with and the delegates have “chosen” their couple for President, let’s have a look at what happened out there in Minneapolis and why the title of this post is what it is.

As it turns out, McCain’s little strategy of picking Palin, governor of Alaska and former beauty queen, as his running mate worked like a charm. Yep, all the religious vote, Bible thumping, abortion-is-the-only-issue morons fell for it and jumped all over Mrs. Palin. Were these idiots to ever actually read the Bible they love to thump and pay attention to what it truly says, instead of just spouting the crap they’re told it says thanks to religious hucksters like Graham, maybe they wouldn’t be so hot to trot over some former beauty queen that happens to like guns.

At any rate, the folks from Nevada fell for it. When the Ron Paul campaign was in full swing, it worked very hard and spent a lot of money promoting Ron Paul in the state of Nevada, which was seen as a “swing” state for the GOP nomination and was therefore an important battle ground. A lot of delegates promised themselves to Ron Paul and were strongly banded together to work for his campaign at the RNC. When Ron Paul left, it was widely expected that these delegates would not be McCain supporters and would abstain from the initial voting, causing a rift, and therefore give the Republican Party a chance to rethink its plan with McCain. Maybe even press for another candidate or at least make people within the party think.

Can’t have that! That might not show a united front against the evil Demoncrats and their Muslim leader, Obama! AIIEEEE! That would ruin the all-important PARTY.

Without exception, as far as I am told, not a single Ron Paul delegate from Nevada failed to vote for McCain. Not one of them abstained. All of them voted for that war-mongering, socialist, neo-con scumbag and his newly appointed gun-toting tart.

These and all other supposed freedom-loving Ron Paul delegates who failed to do their duty at the RNC are all a bunch of pussified pieces of shit that can ride the pile as it flushes down the drain. America is doomed, whether Obama or McCain are elected, and a goodly portion of the blame lands on the shoulders of those spineless pussies who had a chance to make a difference and wussed out.

If you know one of these delegates, see one of these delegates, or have the chance to come into contact with one of these delegates, I want you to spit in their unAmerican, two bit faces and tell them that they are a worthless, spineless, good-for-nothing piece of shit. Feel free to embellish this as you see fit.

Treat them like the IRS-loving, inflation-whoring, world-war-three-starting motherf-ers they are.

They deserve it and more.

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