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Neither Of Them

I got a couple of emails from some people asking why I’m supporting Obama in this Presidential race, since he’s such a socialist and probably part of the neo-con conspiracy just like McCain is.

These people are making a fundamental mistake: they’re assuming that since many of my recent posts have lambasted McCain, that must be because I support Obama. Remember how assume is spelled: ASS(out of)-U-(and)ME. Don’t assume.

I recently also got another email from the MoveOn.org folks (aka “Socialist Revolutionaries”..er…I mean “progressives”). It was denouncing how McCain and his crew are putting out outright lies about Obama and how this must be stopped. So they asked me to donate $25 to help them spread the word about how great Barak is and how much of a lying scumbag McCain is. I responded thusly:

I won’t chip in to help either candidate or anyone supporting them. Both of them are lying, cheating, deceitful, brainwashing hypocrites and warmongers. Both of them have flip-flopped on every issue, lied on multiple occasions, and otherwise been the low-down, dirty, stinking politicians we know them to be. So why are we promoting them? Why even talk about them?

Oh, wait, I forgot. The opposition must lie and cheat MORE than our guy, so we’ve got to support Mcbama to the very end, otherwise the evil Republicrats or Demopublicans will win! Can’t have that!

Wake up. This Presidential race is just another in a long line of wasteful, painful, worthless contests between two dead horses. It’s time to stop thinking “Republican” and “Democrat” and start thinking AMERICA.


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