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Canadian Friend Up On Charges

I got an email today from a friend who has commented several times on this blog and sends me emails fairly regularly. He’s in Canada. He’s up on charges now for “illegally importing” gun parts, which he ordered from a reputable firm and had shipped to him via a standard freight carrier.

Apparently this is illegal in Canada. Go figure.

Long story short, he’s going to trail at the end of this month. The agents who raided his place and went through his computer and emails made a big deal over his bookmark of this blog and his telling me he found it by Googling “Militant Libertarian.”

I wish Dan good luck with his trial and invite him to leave Canada and come to the last of the free states here in Wyoming, USA. Although how long this state can hold out is debatable. I hope once he’s out of office next year, Dick Cheney moves to Dubai to be with his money instead of back here where he doesn’t belong.

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