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Update on Dan’s Trial

You might remember Dan from an earlier post I made about his falsified “arrest” and pending trial on Canada for importing “illegal” items? If not, click here to refresh your memory.

At any rate, I received the following update from him today:

Had my trial regarding the “importation of prohibited devices”. I won’t get a decision until November 14 but it looks like it might go in my favor. After the crown persecutor (no that’s not a typo and yes we still have the “crown” as the head of the Canadian legal system) had given her closing argument the judge questioned her on the definition of a “device”. How could a magazine body be a “device” when all of the “mechanical components”, i.e. follower , spring and base plate were missing?

He’s lucky. I’m surprised the judges in Canada are so involved. Here in America, the judge considers you guilty until you prove yourself totally innocent (or have enough money/political influence to buy your freedom). A judge here would have hung him right then and there!

Keep up the fight, Dan!

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