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Nov. 4, 2008: National Buy a Gun Day!

I’ve declared November 4, 2008, not to be “Election Day” but instead it’s


Let’s send the right message to these jackasses in D.C. and stop voting for their lame duck candidates. Let’s instead “Vote With a Bullet” (as the song says) and purchase guns and ammunition! This will tell them that we’re tired of their bullshit tactics and the crappy “choices” they offer us while fleecing our nation for all they can take.

Let’s show them that we’re ready to defend what freedoms we’ve got left and will fight to get those we’ve lost back! Let’s vote at the gun store instead of the ballot box!

So go out tomorrow, drive past your designated voting place, and instead go directly to the sporting goods store and buy a gun. Together, we can double gun ownership in this nation in A SINGLE DAY! They fear nothing more than the People getting wise and telling them, with no ambiguity, to go home and leave US alone. They fear our guns and our resolve to use them.

Tell McBama to take a hike tomorrow! BUY A GUN!

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