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National Bullet Day – A New Holiday Is Born

It’s time to send a clear message to the scum politicos in BrainWashington, D.C.

November 4th election day is No longer National Ballot day. I join with the Militant Libertarian who created National Buy-a-Gun Day in the declaration of a new holiday. November 4th is now also National Bullet Day.

Don’t cast a ballot–cast a bullet! At www.BrainWashington.info November 4th is now the holiday to cast your bullet in the elections.

With the media ignoring nationwide evidence of election fraud in the scummy presidential rigged election, I remind America there is still a tried-and-true voting machine that can’t be hacked–the lovable high-powered rifle!

While others are out playing the political scam game by casting a ballot in a phony election for phony reps and corporate puppet presidents, there is a new way to vote: cast a bullet by purchasing guns and ammo every year on November 4th. Send a message to the traitors in the District of Criminals that we’re done with their games.

Every November 4th, to send a constructive message to all the corrupt politicians that they can rig elections, pass draconian, unconstitutional laws, and tread on the constitution, but, the american people are ready to clean house. We’re buying our own voting machines–rifles, bullets, scopes, and trillion-dollar grins. A good rifle is the most efficient voting machine ever devised…far superior to any hacked computerized crap machine made by Dibold & co.

Send a message to congress that you are not going to take it anymore. It is clear corrupt, traitor politicians intend to gradually turn America into a Marxist pinko-commie gulag. But we can cast our “bullet ballot” and make it clear to congress critters that the people are prepared to defend America from tyranny. If every freedom-loving American would buy guns and ammunition every November 4th, then head out to the nation’s target ranges to practice and sight in their new weapons, perhaps then congress would get a clue that their job is to protect freedom.

Here’s how the festivities of National Bullet Day would flow:

1. Pass the fraudulent polling locations where clueless Americans continue to vote in rigged elections.
2. Go to your local gun shop and purchase new weapons and ammunition.
3. Head to your local target range with a group of fellow bullet-casters.
4. Pick up all the empty shell casings at the target range.
5. Swing back by the polling locations and hand out little ziplock baggies with empty shell casings (no live ammo!) and copies of this article. Be sure to let any reporters on site know that while others were wasting their time casting ballots, you and your friends were out casting bullets.
6. Remind your fellow Americans that politicians want gun control so it is less dangerous for them to enact tyrannical people control–and guns are the voting machine to correct the situation.


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