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President-Elect Obama’s Insincere Commitment on the Environment


During the campaign, President-Elect Obama promised voters that if elected, he would get right to work on getting government to “fix” the environment. You know, much in the same way that the government has “fixed” education, retirement, poverty, drug use, housing, etcetera. However, as they say, the devil is in the details.

In 1998, when President-Elect Obama was in the Illinois Senate, he voted ‘aye’ for a bill condemning “The Kyoto Treaty”, explaining in a campaign statement, [Kyoto] did not have “meaningful and achievable emissions targets.” Additionally, President-Elect Obama routinely took electric utility and coal industry money during the campaign totaling $539,597. Previously, during his run for United States Senate in 2004, he was flanked by Illinois coal workers proclaiming “there’s always going to be a role for coal”. Even as recently as the West Virginia Primary, Illinois Representative Dan Reitz, original sponsor of the Illinois Anti-Kyoto bill stated:

“He [Obama] understands how important coal is to the state of Illinois and to the Midwest,”

However after receiving the Democrat party nomination, President-Elect Obama stated in his election manifesto that he would set a goal of reducing US emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050, using a cap-and-trade system scheme and a 10-year program worth $150 billion Dollars in renewable energy research and development.

This scheme when implemented, sets a ceiling on the total amount of gases allowed to escape into the atmosphere via assigned industry credits. If the industry goes over their allotment they are forced to purchase “credits” from a direct or indirect competitor which has not gone over their allotment. The end result, higher energy costs for Americans as the companies pass these “credit purchase” costs down onto the consumer. One then wonders exactly how he plans to “fix” the economy, when by proxy the government will help to increase American’s energy bills, as if the rising cost of groceries and durable goods was not enough, now we can look forward to Uncle Sam raising our energy bills.

Let us also not forget that once this “scheme” is in place, there will be an influx of speculators into the market, where just like with oil prices, the price of energy “credits” will swing wildly further destabilizing an already volitile market.

However, the saddest part of all this hot air (CO2) being expelled from King Obama is the fact that while he is so concerned with pointing the finger at “we the people”, we have yet to hear him indicate his plans for tackling the biggest polluter of all. Yes fellow readers, the same group of scoundrels put in charge of “protecting the environment”, the United States Government. From the gallons of jet and rocket fuel dumped into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by NASA, the Air Force and Navy, to the radioactive waste shipped cross country, the American government continues to escape the line of sight, while they target us, for “environmentally conscious behavior modification”.

Finally, President-Elect Obama will send transition team members to the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit, December 1st through 12th in Poznan, Poland. While we will likely glean some insight into King Obama’s policies; whether he wishes to completely hand over American environmental sovereignty will have to wait until just before the Copenhagen talks begin in 2009. It is my opinion that he will indeed seek to erode American sovereignty further via either an expanded Kyoto type treaty or global version of the “North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation”. Neither of which will help protect the environment and instead will only line the pockets of professional environmentalist robber barons.

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