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AIG Parties On

From: http://smargus.com/2008/11/aig-parties-on/

Apparently, the American taxpayers didn’t have their faces rubbed in the sleazy spending sprees of AIG enough the first time around. After the first installment of 85 billion in bailout funds was promised to this too-corrupt-to-fail corporate giant, we saw them spend upwards of 400,000 dollars on a luxury retreat while the top executives basked in the works of facials and golf.

Lawmakers were so streamed that they allowed for another installment of taxpayer dollars, as an additional 150 billion dollar ‘package’ was implemented as part of the save AIG scheme. Now, caught again are the movers and shakers of AIG hard at work retreating and dining at another spa junket.

The power and control over our Nation’s money supply combined with the smug insistence by our lawmakers and administration that we trust them to handle the financial mess they have created is a slap in the face to all of us. Oh, how I wish change was truly coming to Washington.

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