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Free Mark Cuban!

Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire…

He provoked the theatrical condemnation of coprocephalic talk show goon Bill O’Reilly by offering to bankroll the cinematic distribution of the 9-11 revisionist documentary Loose Change, which presented evidence that the Black Tuesday atrocity was an “inside job.”

O’Reilly, who suffers a severe histaminic reaction whenever he’s exposed to critical thinking, insisted that Loose Change was a “diversion” from the sacred war on terror that shouldn’t be “given a platform” of the sort Cuban offered. Cuban riposted that since the film was already in circulation on the internet and through other samizdat channels, it made more sense to bring it out in the open and confront its claims honestly.

“I’m not going to back away from a topic because it’s controversial,” Cuban promised, doubtless causing O’Reilly’s wattles to become empurpled with outrage.

Cuban’s most recent effort to expose official squalor to the disinfecting rays of public sunlight is the investigative website BailoutSleuth.com, which is devoted to chronicling and exposing the details of the largest economic crime in history: The theft of trillions of dollars from the middle class to cushion the financial collapse of politically favored Wall Street welfare whores.

Mr. Cuban’s willingness to finance this indispenseable exercise in forensic journalism has earned him more than the self-congratulatory disapproval of Bill O’Reilly: It has made him an Official Enemy of the Ruling Oligarchy and exposed him to retaliation by the Regime.

Today (November 17), the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the Regime’s more inept and corrupt enforcement appendanges, announced it was filing a civil complaint against Cuban alleging that he had been involved in “insider trading” four years ago.

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