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The Real Revolution (doesn’t include Rush Limbaugh)

I belong to a lot of email threads/groups/broadcasts. Many of them I skim over and delete almost regularly. I get stuff from socialists, anarchists, Kool-Aid drinkers, extreme conspiranoids, smart people, and government.

One of those threads last night was a forward of a GOP-loving email touting the great Rush Limbaugh and his crusade against the evil Obama socialists. Once in a while, I just can’t delete and ignore these pro-establishment screeds. So I said:

“So now we’re supposed to see pill-popping Rush Limbaugh as some kind of hero? Screw him. He was a ll for the Thugocracy of the Bush Administration. Republicans and Democrats, all these assholes need to get hung off the Liberty Tree. It’s time for a real 0revolution, not a pretend neo-GOP b.s. revolution. They’ve all already proven themselves to be unpatriotic, Constitution-trashing, worthless jackasses. Screw ’em all and let them go boil in the 7th circle–the sooner, the better.”

To this, one of the readers responded with:

“So what revolution are you proposing?”

This is how I answered him.

The kind where no one is a “liberal” or a “conservative” or a “lefty” or a “right wing extremist.”

The kind where we stop buying into their bullshit paradigm.

The kind where we start pulling the balance of power back towards ourselves.

The kind where we stop being ruled by fear.

The kind where we stand on our own two fucking feet and tell them “NO” and then arrest or shoot them when they insist on infringements.

That kind of revolution. The kind that Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and a few other Massachusetts boys worked to get a dozen years before 1776 and for the rest of their lives afterwards.

The kind that makes for real change, not “little victories” that are really defeats.

The Patriot kind.

Oddly, I’ve had no response since. It’s been over 14 hours since it was sent. I guess my kind of revolution requires rethinking their entire world and maybe getting up out of the armchair to do something about it.

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