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Ah! An infectious disease!

BTM: renaissancemeans

Hey, major reporting outlets, forget swine flu for your fear-inducing headlines; how does, ‘Find out about the disease that kills over 2 million young children a year, TONIGHT AT TEN!’ sound as a teaser? Malaria kills around 5,500 people A DAY, the vast majority of whom are young children, and it kills off a good number of pregnant women, too.

You could even mention how pretty much all that you need to prevent it is a nutritious diet, a well cared for immune system, and a $2 mosquito net. The ones that are pre-treated with enough insecticide to last 5 years are a whopping $5 each. O, and condoms definitely help immensely to stop it spreading, but don’t tell the Religious Right that I said it. Then there’ll never be aid money.

O, sorry, yes, I forgot–this is all primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, where we don’t have to see it, touch it, feel it, or–hell!–even think about it.

Please excuse me whilst I exit.

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