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As hope and change work their way through our economy, many people wonder what is the best investment to make with their hard earned dollars. I could invest in the stock market and pray the government doesn’t nationalize the industries in which I have invested. I may buy low-interest government bonds and watch inflation gobble up my savings. There are also commodity options such as gold or even non-hybrid seeds. Until some respectable economist presents an outline as to how the U.S. economy recovers without spurring hyperinflation, I will spend every dollar I earn as fast as I can.

With the government printing money faster than Al Gore can burn jet fuel, an inflationary spiral cannot be long in coming. Once the inevitable inflation monster begins, consumers will dispose of their dollars as quickly as they can. This will exacerbate the inflation problem and the last person left holding the dollar bills is the biggest loser. I intend to convert my dollars into tangible goods before the game of hot potato begins.

Many would suggest an investment in gold as a way to protect against inflation. This would be a decent strategy when a society is peaceful and stable. The principle breaks down if you factor in roaming bands of violent thieves who walk into your home and take your gold and your life. It will also not turn out so well if the government outlaws possession of any form of gold. After an initial investment of several solid firearms, the wise individual would concentrate on purchasing large quantities of ammunition.

Financial collapse will immediately bring the worst out of drug addicted pantywaists. Fortunately, a few well armed citizens will easily eradicate this scourge, because druggies can’t shoot straight. More difficulty will come with the next wave of individuals. These are the multitude of able bodied Americans who have been conditioned to expect food and comfort without having to do a stitch of work. Only communities comprised of large numbers of responsible gun owners can expect to survive the hungry mobs.

One can only speculate as to the Federal Government’s final solution to an economic meltdown. Hopefully, our country’s leaders will realize the stabilizing effect of the moral citizens’ strength. Then we may unite and figure out what to do when China comes to lay claim to property which they believe is rightfully theirs.

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