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Farewell to a Favorite Blog – Thanks, Leftist Nazis!

One of my favorite blogs, which I read mostly via RSS, is shutting down. Why? Not because the blogger (Becky C) can’t do it it anymore, but because the leftist losers think the First Amendment only applies to “approved” speech.

In other words, this libertarian lesbian named Becky only qualifies because she’s a girl and she’s gay, but because she’s not a socialist hate-monger like the “approved” left, she’s out.

They’ve managed to harass her blog into oblivion, getting Google (who owns Blogger.com) to put an “objectionable content” warning on her blog, which effectively bars it from search engines and makes some people balk about entering the blog to read.

So she’s been shut down by Web Nazis who probably believe they’re “doing the right thing” by doing it. Brainwashed heathens that they are, they can’t fathom the idea of a lesbian being libertarian instead of an Obamabot like they are.

So farewell, Becky C, and I’ll miss your ramblings on Girl in Short Shorts. While I wasn’t there for the whole three years, I was there long enough to enjoy your wit and commentary.

Yet another freedom fighter shot down by the morons-that-be.

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