Is libertarianism the ideology of the future?

Posted: November 30th, 2009 by Militant Libertarian

by Garry Reed, Libertarian News Examiner

Is libertarianism growing around the world in spite of the political dominance of its antithesis, big government socialistic type regimes everywhere?

A blog in the UK publication New Statesman titled “Twitter and libertarianism” proclaimed on Wednesday, “Libertarianism is the ideology of the future judging by the new Prospect/YouGovpoll on the “twitterati”.

The survey, the article claimed, “found that Twitter users are more concerned with civil liberties than the public at large.”

But the article mentions only one other example from the poll; that while 57 percent of the public believe that increasing anti-terrorist police powers is more important than protecting civil liberties only half of British Twitters agree.

Prospect, the monthly UK magazine behind the poll, admits in its recently released, November edition that the “national poll of 2000+ people” conducted with pollster YouGov is “part of a fun feature about the politics of Twitter.”

Typical for British politics, libertarianism is referred to in “liberal and civil libertarian” terms. For example, the magazine created a scale from their findings that placed Twitter users on the “More Liberal” end, far removed from the conservative “More Authoritarian” end of the scale.

Prospect quotes its own managing editor as saying, “It is clear that the urban, metropolitan, Guardian-reading ‘chattering classes’ have flocked online to become the ‘twittering classes’ —and they are now a real force in British politics.”

Just a few weeks ago back in the USA David Boaz was writing about a recent Gallup poll in theCato@Liberty blog: “Gallup often asks people how they describe themselves. But sometimes they classify people according to the values they express. And when they do that, they find a healthy percentage of libertarians.”

What Gallup found was that 23 percent of the voting-age population identifies itself as “libertarian.”

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