USA: Police State

ACTA: Will Corporate-Run US Government Destroy the Internet?

by Shelly Roche,

The internet is under attack by our very own US Government, working on behalf of corporate interests in the entertainment and content industries. What does this mean for you?

1. You can be banned from the internet, fined and even jailed if a copyright holder ACCUSES you of wrongdoing three times. Whether you violated their copyright or not.

cybersecurity_government12. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be forced to invest heavily in intrusive monitoring infrastructure. Guess who’ll end up covering those costs?

3. Once intrusive monitoring infrastructure (such as deep packet inspection) is in place, say goodbye to your privacy! To avoid liability, ISPs will need to monitor every packet of data that is transmitted or stored on their network to make sure it doesn’t contain copyrighted materials. This means they’ll see your emails, your facebook messages, which sites you visit on the internet, and what you do on those sites.

4. The government rewards their pet corporations for being lazy and refusing to adapt and innovate.

I’m not condoning internet piracy. I think copyright holders have a right to use their intellectual property as they see fit. The issue here is that the content industry is using our government (and our government is merrily letting them) to push global copyright regulations that will have horribly destructive consequences – to internet users, internet service providers, and the businesses that rely on them.

Read the new leaked document here: