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An Inside Look With Jesse Ventura On Conspiracy


conspiracytheoryJesse Ventura has had many titles. He has been a Navy seal, a professional wrestler, an actor, a mayor and Governor of Minnesota, and now with his new truTV show Ventura is taking on a new title: conspiracy theorist. On “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” which premieres on Dec. 2nd at 10 pm, Ventura and his team of researchers take on a number of curious conspiracies and postulate if the terrorist attack on 9/11 was an inside job, or if the mysterious High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) complex in rural Alaska has the power to create tidal waves and control minds. Starpulse spoke to Governor Ventura about developing the show, his conversation with Fidel Castro and if the government is even capable of pulling off such elaborate stunts.

Starpulse: How long have conspiracy theories been an interest of yours?

Jesse Ventura: Well, it started back actually in my days when wrestling made the transition from the 26 territories to being a nationwide sport. Well what that did was it took us out of automobiles and put us on airplanes. And if you’ve ever traveled a lot, at one point I wrestled 63 consecutive nights in a row, you find out there’s a lot of dead time in an airplane and an airport so I read. I got into reading to reading conspiracy, particularly the John F. Kennedy assassination that happened when I was a child, and I find it very intriguing reading because you realize there is always the possibility that what you are reading is true. And there’s always the possibility that who you read about are actual living, breathing people, or they were. It’s not a figment of a novelist’s imagination or characters made up in their head. And so I have always found that intriguing and it was natural that this show would come about because of my passion for delving into this type of thing.

How do you pick what conspiracy theories to cover for the show?

That was a battle between myself and the network. We decided that this first run we would keep all of them within the decade, within the last 10 year period, so there won’t be shows on Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy or that nature. They’re all within the last decade, and we would just put a batch of them into the pot and we’d start going through the pot, we’d have a bit of a tug-of-war. We finally settled on the 7, we did an initial pilot, and then when they ordered 6 more, we settled on the 6 more, forged ahead and got the job done.

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