Lisbon Treaty comes into force – the Inglorious Revolution

Posted: December 1st, 2009 by Militant Libertarian

by Archbishop Cranmer’s Blog

WE the people of Europe1st December 2009 will go down in British history as a turning point; it is as constitutionally significant as that of 15th November 1688, when King William’s fleet arrived in Torbay to deliver the land from tyranny: it was the last successful invasion of England.

There had never been a revolution quite like it. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 is often termed ‘bloodless’, and it was, almost. It was a conspiracy by a faction of the ruling élite which led an invasion by invitation: they were concerned to preserve and propagate their religio-political agenda which involved an internal change of constitution.

The Inglorious Revolution of 2009 has also been bloodless: it is also a conspiracy by the ruling élite which has led to an invasion by invitation: they are also concerned to propagate their religio-political agenda which involves an undeniable internal change of constitution.

The revolution/invasion of 1688 was by the Protestant Dutch, and it heralded an era of constitutional monarchy, the Bill of Rights, religious liberty, material prosperity and political stability. The revolution/invasion of 2009 is by the European Union, the suzerain power, to which the Monarch is now subject: it enshrines a charter of ‘fundamental human rights’, and heralds an era of religious oppression, penal taxation, economic stagnation and political instability.

On this day, the ‘Constitution for Europe’ becomes law, and the ‘President of Europe’ becomes our head of state. The Queen is still the Queen, but she is now subject to the provisions of the new constitution. The Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister, but he is now obliged to promote the aims and objectives of the European Union over and above those of the United Kingdom.

And yet we are no more an ‘occupied’ nation than we became in 1688, for our Parliament has conspired with a foreign power: they have permitted, encouraged, conceded and surrendered. We are now but a province in the Empire of Europa: the Queen is but a regional governor beneath an omnipotent Emperor; Parliament is but a regional council, yet it lacks even the authority to legislate for refuse collection or road repairs. From today, everything is subject to the Supreme Government in Brussels.

And still the people come and go, talking not quite of Michelangelo, but of Coronation Street, X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity.

And still the anoraks pore over their opinion polls, wondering about the size of the next majority or the prospect of a hung parliament.

Nothing, apparently, has changed at all.

But everything has.


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