Fighting Back

Operation: Arrest the Crimatologists

from the Corbett Report

gorebarsThe millions of people who are following the twists and turns of the unfoldingclimategate scandal online are increasingly asking themselves the same question: if a scientific theory falls in the forest and there’s no reporter willing to cover it, does it make a sound?

The scandal has been raging for well over a week now and so far it has become one of the hottest searches on the internet, spurred a congressional investigation into the matter, prompted the UK Information Commissioner to consider evidence that documents pertaining to FOI requests were illegally destroyed, forced Penn State tolaunch an investigation into its climate scientist superstar, Michael Mann, freed scientists to finally speak out against the IPCC, and reignited an intense scientific debate over the fallibility of the peer-review process and the practice of hiding data from other researchers. Not that you’d have learned any of that from following the mainstream media.

Indeed, as many have been pointing out, the mainstream media tried to ignore or downplay the issue for as long as they could, and when that failed they spun it into a left-right issue or hosted meaningless debates which studiously avoid any serious examination of the actual leaked documents. The growing frustration of the millions of concerned citizens who are watching the media continue to report the same stories ofimpending climate disaster without so much as acknowledging the scandal is perfectly examplified by the man who recently shamed Canada’s national broadcaster on live television about their coverage blackout.

By controlling the debate, the media moguls hope they can make this scandal go away. Perhaps that would have been possible in the past, but this is the age of the internet. We no longer have to rely on the mainstream media to tell us what we should or should not be interested in. In the age of the internet, we are the media.

If this were merely a scientific scandal, perhaps the need to inform people about climategate would not be so great. But it is much more than a scientific scandal. It is an ongoing fraud that has convinced millions of people that they need to support cap-and-trade schemes and carbon markets in order to save the earth. The front men for this fraud are the very same ones who will directly profit from these new financial markets, from Obama to Gore and many others. But the end goal of this fraud is much larger than that: it is the now admitted goal of creating a new global governmental structurein the name of fighting manmade climate change. If the people are not awakened on mass to this danger, just such a system could be born as early as next month in Copenhagen.

That is why The Corbett Report is announcing a new contest to encourage people to spread the word about climategate, one of the key issues of our time: