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Climategate Independent Review Chairman Picked


In keeping with the way things around the climategate scandal have been going, the University of East Anglia has SirMuirRussellannounced who the leader of their independent investigation into the Climate Research Unit will be.  They chose a consummate bureaucrat and multi-departmental failure at getting anything done, Sir Muir Russell.

According to his Wikipedia page, the knight in paper-pushing armor has a checkered past in various governmental offices and is an experienced “public servant.”  The good news is that he’s not tied to either the University nor the climate science community.

That’s the only good news.

Otherwise, he leaves, well, something to be desired (I’m trying to be nice).  He was a part of the Scottish Parliament Building debacle a few years ago and is believed to be the primary reason for the huge overspend and 3 year delay in construction.  Of course, going over-budget and taking too long are the hallmarks of the great bureaucrat.

Of course, he is a student of high learning, having a BSc with first class honours in… Natural Philosophy.  Come to think of it, doesn’t comedian Steve Martin have a Master’s Degree in that?¹

To ad to Sir Muir’s background in this, he sits on the Green Jobs Advisory Board.  I’m sure that won’t cloud his judgment at all.  Neither does his appearance on local public radio in the UK talking about “settled science” and global warming mean anything regarding his pre-conceptions.  Oh, and he’s an extremely well-paid University Principal at Glasgow


Please excuse me if I’m a little bit… skeptical…

¹OK, he doesn’t.