Rising seas will swamp San Francisco

Posted: December 6th, 2009 by Militant Libertarian

from AaronsEnvironmental.com

Governor Swartzenegger and pals have rolled out their latest “this is why we tax you so much” proof: California is going to sink into the ocean.  Check out their map (thanks in part to Google, on whose Board of Directors sits Al Gore, go figure) on what Cali will look like by the end of the century.

waterworldYep, San Francisco is gonna be underwater.  Shark food.  Beachfront property will be closer to the Sierra Nevadas.  The good news?  You have 90 years to get the hell out.  The bad news?  Property values are probably falling as we speak.

Here’s my reaction: assuming this is true (it’s not)…

Who cares?  What do we, as Americans, lose with the sinking of California?

Not much.  Hopefully Tesla Motors, eBay, and a few other useful institutions realize what’s happening and get the hell out.  Fisker Automotive already did, they’re going to build their cars in Delaware.  Probably not my first choice, but hey… it’s not California.

Personally, I don’t see that America loses much in this deal.  Ya, our Pacific Coast is re-defined, but hey… so what?  What we gain is the loss of most of our moronic voting bloc, all of Hollywood (they sink too), and hopefully a lot of other baggage.

My state will be bummed, but we’ll find someone else to buy our wind energy.  Or maybe we’ll just keep it.

Overall, I see more positives than negatives here.  Anyone have anything to say in California’s defense?


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  1. Skullz says:

    Ocean front property in Arizona – sweet!

  2. Militant Libertarian says:

    I don’t think it will get as far as Wyoming here, but that would be awesome. :) My sister lives in Phoenix and her home’s value took a serious nose dive last year.

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