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Very Info-Packed and Shocking Interview with Bob Chapman

dollarcartoonMy friend Dale Williams interviewed Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster on his show this week.  The information Mr. Chapman has is both disturbing and shocking.  Here’s some of what he says you can expect to see in 2010, starting with an announcement from the Fed and FDIC in January:

  • TARP loan call-ups to keep the FDIC afloat in 2010.
  • Expect to see around 2,500 banks closing in 2010!
  • Watch hyperinflation, or close to it, as bailouts continue with another half trillion or more being doled out.
  • The Dollar may be recalled and re-issued at a 3:1 ratio if inflation becomes an issue – this will be an international agreement with several other currencies doing teh same, effectively “canceling” each others’ debts.

There’s a lot more in the info-packed, hour-long interview.  Definitely worth a listen.  You can find it at the top of the archives page on Dale’s site