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Al Gore and Global Warming Theory Shot Down by a 6th Grader

originally published on Aaron’s EnvironMental Corner

This is Peter.  He’s a sixth grader (12 years old) and his dad is a biologist.  They’ve made a video describing the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) and showing how it skews surface temperature data.  Using a simple formula, they downloaded freely-available data from NASA’s GISS, they plot the actual recorded data without “homogenizing” and show how UHI seriously screws up the global temperature data Al Gore and other pseudo-scientists use to plot climate change.

Who needs Climategate when you’ve got a 6th grader?

Of course, the video points out that Peter’s dad does not work for any oil or energy companies, so they aren’t being paid off to do this.  Or are they?

AlGore-madeitupWhat is not mentioned is that Peter works in the summer mowing the lawn of the local Conoco station for extra cash.  That, of course, means he’s on Big Oil’s payroll, so he’s obvious got a “stake” in this game.*

*Note: if you believe those last two sentences, you are a moron and deserve to be called one.  If that is all you can find wrong with this video, you are a Global Warming Gorebot and are nothing more than a mindless parrot for the Big Bankers who want to use global warming as a way to create a new world exchange based on nothing.  Hope you got in early on your investment in Al Gore’s company, pal.  Now quit pretending that science is on your side and go have a latte.  Be aware that if you get into a car to drive to the coffee shop, you are a hypocritical dillweed.  </rant>


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Peter's dad

Thank you for your comments. Peter and I are very happy that you have found our video to be interesting. We really appreciate it.

Militant Libertarian

Most welcome and the video is AWESOME!

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