Liberty Commentary

Supporting ‘acts of government’ makes you guilty

by Kent McManigal, Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner

electricchairThe death sentence which was recently “handed down” by the Saudi Arabian government against a Lebanese TV psychic is barbaric, but it is no more barbaric than the acts of any other government.  No government that has ever existed can be trusted with the power of life and death.  They allinevitably use that power unethically.

I think science shows pretty clearly that psychics have no real “powers”.  Many people would disagree with me vehemently.  That’s fine.  I am free to ignore or ridicule psychics and their followers regardless of any government’s edicts.  And others are free to order their lives by the psychic’s advice.  I don’t know if this particular psychic has defrauded anyone intentionally or not, but even if he has that doesn’t deserve death-by-state.  If you go around executing everyone who believes in imaginary things, or who profits from that belief in others, that would be quite a massacre.  Let people defend themselves and their own property from fraud; don’t hand over that authority to anyone else- especially not to those known to always abuse it.

Yet, there are always people ready to applaud government goons handing out death and destruction, as long as it targets someone else.  The people who turn out to watch the executions for entertainment are reprehensible excuses for “humanity”, but are no more reprehensible than those who wave flags, pledge allegiance, and celebrate the invasion and occupation of other countries by the military force of their choice.  It isn’t even as if this is the “other side of the coin“, it is completelyindistinguishable.

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