Fighting Back

Calm conservatives need to teach rude radicals a lesson their mothers forgot

by Kelly Anderson Wright, Reno Conservative Examiner

guest_fbook_1209-thumb-150x113-11612A right-wing blogger friend of mine recently told me he was finished. Randy was tired of arguing with certain kinds of liberals, the ones who routinely called him a dirty laundry list of sordid names, in print for the entire world to see, just because his conservative views differed from their liberal ones. He was going to turn off his computer for a few weeks, celebrate the Christmas holidays with his family, and maybe do some ice fishing.

His note made me wonder aloud, “When did crassness become politically correct?”

Certainly not just one generation ago. I remember my mother warned me, “Never do or say something today that you would not want me to read about on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow.”

Shouldn’t the same rules apply to the net’s infinite blogisphere? Literally everything we say in cyberspace becomes “newsprint” for our new neighbors around the world to read, instantly. Do people have no shame?

Apparently, some people don’t have the kind of mother I have, or they simply don’t care what people think about the incendiary words they write.

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