The NWO's Chains

Who is exterminating the West and how?

by Barbara McCutchen, Arkansas Freedom

Introduction:  Philosophy? What’s that? Another erased or revised subject.

THINKERThis article is dedicated to the power of ideas—philosophy.  It describes how one individual man in prison kick-started the destruction of Western civilization, hence the Enlightenment, and how another more recent jail bird may well have finished us off with a blueprint for the effectuation of total U.S. government control through nationalized healthcare.  Ideas—the motor of humankind which influences every action.

Robert Creamer—The Reincarnation of Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), founding member of Italy’s Communist Party, philosopher, writer, theorist, invented the concept of “cultural hegemony” (precursor to “political correctness”) while a political prisoner of Mussolini for 9 years because he opposed certain Fascist techniques, crafted a cunning blueprint for CHANGE.  His brilliant, innovative strategies to produce lasting revolution and destruction of Western culture are outlined in his 9 volumes called the “Prison Notebooks”.

Robert Creamer (1948- ), a criminal prisoner (2006), served time for less than a year for bank fraud and check kiting perpetrated on his own “non-profit” organization “Illinois Public Action”, during which time he penned a Marxist strategy book “Listen to Your Mother, Stand up Straight!  How Progressives can win”.  It is the blueprint being followed for the presently planned “single payer healthcare”—government takeover.  This is how they plan to implement Obamacare, in detail.  Notice that the Collectivist strategies always involve misrepresentation, lying, smearing, subterfuge, and camouflage because they can’t afford to tell the truth about their goals and hope to succeed.   Also notice that today Robert Creamer is working openly, directing his Strategic Consulting Group in D.C.,(clients=ACORN, AFL-CIO,, SEIU (Service Employees International Union…many, if not most members,  are illegal aliens…CEO Andy Stern is the most frequent visitor to Whitehouse), Chicago Housing Authority, Americans United for Change, ad infinitum)  and Creamer even attended the recent state dinner for honored guests at the White House.

Creamer, following the footsteps of Gramsci, is a political organizer and strategist fighting for socialized healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty for illegals, forced redistribution of wealth, destruction of capitalism and all aspects of Western civilization.

Although Gramsci was not part of the “Cultural Marxist” Frankfort School in Germany, his theories became the matrix for subverting Western culture/civilization and were embraced by those able to execute them, first in Europe, then in the U.S. beginning in the 1930’s.

Gramsci’s brilliance was recognizing that the lowly masses were not seething in hatred to overthrow the “haves”, as Karl Marx theorized, therefore they could not be counted upon to rise up and physically overthrow the status quo, therefore new groups of “disenfranchised victims” had to be created (e.g. the disabled, blacks, women, homosexuals, Hispanics). In addition, the masses had to be carefully taught (class & race envy) to despise all things Western….individual property rights, rule of law, Christianity, merit, excellence, innovation, free enterprise, rugged individualism, heroes, role models, discipline, hard work, achievement, self-reliance.  Only when those goals had reached a certain level could true revolution be accomplished. In short, the long term goal was/is to erase national memories by destroying white Euro identities and consciousness, just as acid is used to obliterate fingerprints, thereby dismantling the “Enlightenment”.

The “Frankfort School” of (Horkheimer, Adorno, Lukacs (“who will save us from Western civilization”),  Marcuse, Heidegger, Fromm, Freud, to name a few) achieved the winning strategy by implementing  politically correct tools, e.g. “sexism”, “feminism”, “authoritarian personality”, “victimhood”, “xenophobia”, “racism”,  “anti-Semitism”, etc. ….all aimed at their main obstacle, white male producers.  “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” were inculcated to disintegrate whites’ pride in their heritage, history, and achievements in deference to all other cultures, especially the 3rd World. Premeditated result, White Guilt.  The Marxists’ effective, insidious attack tool was called “Critical Theory”, which simply meant criticizing, attacking and denigrating in every way possible the object of derision…whether white males, true history, rational self-interest, individualism, Christianity, or the Constitution. They have been wildly successful in their long term “political realignment”….morphing Capitalism into Collectivism.

As a side note, this is also an explanation for the ill will that Zionists and many Jews have engendered down through the annals of time since this is not the first or only effort of its kind, as unrevised history demonstrates.

Creamer and his wife Rep. Schakowsky D-IL, are modern products of the Marxist’s work, they were profoundly influenced by what the Marxists’ called the “March through the institutions”, i.e. infiltration of every institution of influence and CHANGE the individualist values to those of Collectivism.  Like most people, Creamer was influenced by his schools, teachers, media, entertainment….most of which had been thoroughly brainwashed and converted from the sinful ways of rational self-interest to the ideal…irrational selflessness…sacrificing others to yourself and yourself to others, ultimately leading to mass slavery to a tyrannical elite.  They, themselves, of course would be members of the elite, enriching themselves along the way.

Gramsci and Creamer, both passionately brilliant, set up workable guidelines on how to achieve the downfall of individualism and the triumph of collective dictatorship.  Creamer outlines the strategies to attain socialized “universal healthcare”…a vital key to the final downfall of the last of our Constitutional Republic.  Obama and his entire “community organizer” (Karl Marx <violent overthrow>, Saul Alinsky <overthrow politically by community organizing> & Leo Strauss <means justify ends/deception is key> disciples who learned the necessity and use of deception and have been faithfully following Creamers 10 strategic points.

Some of those points include creating the perception that healthcare is a RIGHT guaranteed by government, and it is in CRISIS mode. (Fear)

This is to be accomplished by DENIGRATING the credibility of private health insurance companies and only focusing on their FAILURES.  (Critical Theory)

Another artifice is convincing politicians they CANNOT be reelected if they don’t pass universal healthcare.  (Deception)

Also, the “progressives” as they came to call themselves (Marxists/Communists evoked negativism) must create/infiltrate massive organizations, e.g. ACORN, AMA, SEIU,AFL-CIO, AARP.  (Workers Unite!)

Mobilization of labor and church communities, along with an array of institutions and organizations of all types is necessary. (Community Organizing)

Obtaining commitments of hundreds of millions of dollars for funding, including tax dollars, a must. It should be noted here that nearly all of the above endeavors have been bankrolled by large organizations, especially the Rockefeller Foundation.  (Money is power)

Generation of fear, revulsion, anger, and disgust, to name a few, is vital to the socialized medicine effort. (Manipulation)

Creamer’s how-to manual could not have been successful without Gramscian/Frankfort School victories in erasing the collective memories of our Founding civilization.  That old way of thinking demanded honest government, media, and education, unregulated lives, safe streets, rule of law, justice, moral entertainment, and family oriented emphasis.  The “march through the institutions” changed everything.

The incestuous relationships between those on both sides of the turf war are so convoluted it would take volumes to connect all the dots. Let’s look at a few of our living star of this article, Robert Creamer.  He hired Rahm Israel Emanuel  Israeli dual citizen& Obama’s Chief of Staff) in 1997-8 as a fundraiser for his wife’s Jan Shakowsky’s run for congress. Emanuel also helped Illinois state Rep. Paul Simon , a darling of American Israeli Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), defeat Sen. Charles Percy.  That is when Emanuel met Chicago Tribune reporter, David Axelrod.

Emanuel then aided the election of Cook County State’s Attorney, Richard M Daley.  He then hooked up with Gov. Bill Clinton to raise funds while Bill raised heck with Jennifer Flowers…which then led Emanuel to national attention as a President Clinton senior aide and lobbyist. After Clinton, Rahm was assigned to Freddie Mac Board of Directors.  During the next 2 yrs he amassed $16+ million, the same time period Freddie Mac was charged with accounting fraud, 1998-2002. (?)  All the while the many “progressives”, especially the Chicago connected ones, but not limited were entwined in each other’s various socialist activities…Obama, Blagovonich, Daley, and David Axelrod, Tim Geitner, Barney Frank, Joe Lieberman, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, John Kerry, Frank Lautenberg, Carl Levin, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Arlen Specter, Bernie Sanders, Ben Bernanke.  Research shows none of the progressives opposing government healthcare or supporting small government and securing borders/sovereignty.  Why?

Creamer’s challenge is much easier than was Gramsci’s or the Cultural Marxist Frankfort School’s.  Only after decades of ceaseless social conditioning has government, education, media and entertainment been thoroughly corrupted, our cities are dirty and unsafe, art is a cesspool, the family unit has lost their fathers and disintegrated, the culture is in the toilet, youth reduced to ignorant, often illiterate, savagery.  Illegal aliens provide slave labor while Americans are losing jobs and footing the tax bill, and the standard of living is slipping fast. On top of all that, we are engaged in illegal, unconstitutional preemptive wars and occupation all over the world—exactly what George Washington emphatically admonished against.   Rich ground for dictatorship.

We have been cautioned by a number of other great minds including Orwell, Huxley, and Rand.  Ayn Rand warned us that art is a barometer of a culture—witness our popular dancing, painting, movies, books, television, music, fashions—says it all.

The enemies of reason, the Enlightenment, and any aspect of Western civilization are multitudinous…whether Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Anarchists, psychopaths, or stupid greedy opportunists.  In recorded history the war began between Plato’s “philosopher kings” dictatorship of the elite and Aristotle’s defense of rational individualism. Unfortunately, Plato’s philosophy has won far more battles than Aristotle’s.  The world’s best chance for peace, dignity and freedom came with the Western Enlightenment, and America’s Founders were in the right place and the right time to affect the finest standard of living in the history of man.  What have we done with it?

Our enemies surround us.  The Neo Conservatives (invented by Irving Kristol a Trotskyite who discovered Gramsci, et al were correct about the need for deception to attain one’s goals and his legacy continues via his son Wm. Kristol (Weekly Standard), along with a myriad of well known others, e.g. Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Seymour Hersch, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum, Norman Pohdretez, Elliot Abrams, Midge Decter, Lewis Libby, Michael Chertoff, Elliot Cohen, Don & Bob Kagan, Max Boot, and many others, several of whom blueprinted preemptive war on the Middle East long before 9/11, most are followers of Leo Strauss who advocated “eternal war for eternal peace”, the “Noble Lie” & promotion of religion among the masses to keep them satisfied while the “leaders” set the agenda) <the “right”>, posture behind patriotism & religion.  Then there are the Neo Liberals birthed by the Marxists <the “left”> pretend to be protectors of the downtrodden, while exploiting them.  The two groups fight their turf wars but their ultimate goal is the same.  Slavery and tyranny.  Power and money.

Their gigantic, all-inclusive Protection Racket has made accountability next to impossible…they cover for each other at all levels, whether politicians, bureaucrats, media, academia, entertainment, banking, corporations, or special interest organizations, e.g. Chambers of Commerce, La Raza, LULAC, ACLU, ADL, SPLC, Unions, ad infinitum.

Perhaps Barbara Bush, of all people, summed it up the best in her statement regarding the censorship of photographs of flag-draped coffins returning from Iraq on “Good Morning America” March 18, 2003….” Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? Oh, I mean, it’s not relevant.  So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

So much for the citizens, especially the cannon fodder troops used to fight their profitable wars and gain ever more control for Israel in the Middle East, and the U.S. special interests, such as corporations/churches/academia/media/organizations which include the salivating, suicidal/homicidal Collectivists.  For instance, the aggressive assault on Christianity is not being orchestrated by the Muslims (convenient scapegoats), but rather by the Cultural Marxists who control the major institutions.

The fact that Political Correctness reigns supreme tells us where we are in the extermination process.