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Big Pharma Has You By the Balls

by Karen De Coster

Despite the maddening nature of this paragraph from an article in the Wall Street Journal Pharmaceutical Daily, hardly no one who reads the story will notice it:

A measure to allow the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and some other countries fell short in the Senate Tuesday night, but lawmakers were working on other ways to squeeze concessions from the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have read that correctly, you will note that certain members of our Senate body are begging the wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical interests to allowthe (formerly) free people of the United States to voluntarily purchase prescription drugs from other countries where the drugs are cheaper and Big Pharma does not influence and run the federal government. Another snippet from the article:

Pharmaceutical makers opposed the measure, saying the U.S. couldn’t ensure the safety of drugs from Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.

I repeat: “pharmaceutical makers opposed the measure…” Therefore, they have bought an appropriate number of politicians so they can be assured that Americans are not able to freely contract with retailers in other countries who can offer a lower price. The totalitarian American political system (along with those who continue to elect its agents and thereby sanction the current system) allows this racket to continue without a single challenge. No media outlet is ashamed of arrogantly admitting to, and admiring, the clout of America’s omnipotent corporate state giants.

In a related story, Big Pharma giant AstraZeneca has the power of the FDA behind it in its latest attempt to deceive and dope up hapless Americans who have been taken captive by the fear mongering of the tyrannical medical mainstream. The drug maker’s cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor has fallen flat on revenues, and the typical backup plan with these patent-protected drugs that run of steam is to find another use for them that sounds necessary and good, and promote it heavily to paid-for politicians, their FDA operatives, and the duped public.

So what is this miracle cure claimed for Crestor that … just … came out of nowhere? Crestor is now “a preventative treatment for cardiovascular disease.” The FDA’s panel of “outside medical experts” voted 12-4 to recommend that the “FDA broaden the indication for Crestor as a preventative treatment for cardiovascular disease.” Yes, these are the same “medical experts” who are paid by the industry and drug makers they recommend. The WSJ article discusses a study called “Jupiter” in which patients on Crestor were compared to patients receiving a placebo or fake pill. The study was the usual dose of logical fallacy whereby correlation proves causation. In fact, the article states that “the study results were so strong that the study was stopped early.” Note that the FDA usually follows the panel’s recommendations.

During the panel meeting, “the FDA said there was a “statistically significant” increase in the number of patients who developed diabetes in the Crestor group compared to the placebo group,” and also, “there were 13 deaths due to gastrointestinal disorders compared to one in the placebo group, but the FDA said a further review of the deaths suggest the “imbalance is a chance finding,” a view with which the panel agreed.” In addition, “18 patients in the Crestor arm of the study reported a “confusional state” compared to four in the placebo group, but the panel also said it wasn’t likely Crestor played a role in the imbalance.” (So, correlation proves causation, but only when convenient – such as when it accommodates the end goals of increased patent protection and billions of dollars in profits.) How advantageous is it to pay the salaries of the “experts” who influence whether or not your drug is deemed the next patented miracle cure for a whole host of diseases?

To understand the timing of this Crestor news about its new miracle cure, please see related information about AstraZeneca’s patent battles for Crestor. AstraZeneca is losing its grip on Crestor as a revenue machine. Accordingly, anarticle on Reuters states this:

Gbola Amusa of UBS believes the Jupiter results could expand the overall statin market by 20 percent to 50 percent in volume terms, lifting AstraZeneca’s Crestor sales to some $8 billion in 2012 from $3.6 billion last year.

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