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Some Humans are More Equal

from the Bipolar Freak

When Michele Obama worked for the University of Chicago Medical Center, she helped create the Urban Health Initiative. This patient-dumping program involves steering low-income and uninsured patients away from UCMC to other medical facilities. Thus, UCMC saves oodles of dollars which may be used for more affluent patients. After Michele Obama left her position at the Medical Center, Obama friend Dr. Eric Whitaker took over the Urban Health Initiative.

…..According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Dr. Whitaker defended the Urban Health Initiative,

… “You should not use the emergency department as the place to get primary care,” Whitaker said. “For some reason, this is controversial. Emergency rooms should be used for emergencies. I’m shocked we should be getting into debates about this. An emergency room visit is $1,000. A doctor’s visit is $100.”

…..Today, Dr. Whitaker’s son received a minor cut on his chin from an accident at the beach. An ambulance was called, and his son was rushed to the hospital Emergency Room. Not to a neighborhood clinic. The injury did not even require stitches. Of course, I guess this was an “official” emergency, seeing how the President of the United States immediately rushed to his vacation home to comfort Dr. Whitaker. The compassionate President Obama showed much more urgency in this crisis than when a terrorist tried to blow up a jetliner over Detroit.