Laughter's Medicine


from Freedom Shenanigans & High Jinks

When will you herded sheeple learn to stop flying? If there was a major boycott of air travel the Obamanation would then have to step in to “save” the airlines. That would start another round of government intervention that would create enough incompetence, pain and misery that the mind-dead populace would be aroused from its slumber for a while by discomfort.

On the other hand, why stop with just the full body scans? I am ALL for a mandatory semi-nude flying rule. Everyone that flies excluding pilots, must fly in “see-through security flight suits.” Only under garments, or “swim” wear, now to be called “flight security modesty garments” will be allowed under the vinyl see-through security flight suits.

Ahhh just think of it. No more hassle of wondering what to wear on the flight. Hundreds of travelers in their underwear, wearing what was formerly known as transparent rain gear, sitting for “no more than three hours” on the runway waiting for take off. Yes, the smell, feel and sound of grandma’s vinyl clad furniture on a warm summer day in your shorts.

Think of all the great looking bodes you will get to see. Just like a day at the beach, well kind of. You may just have to avert your eyes here or there, but it will be worth the discomfort to check out the good looking ones.

On the other hand, maybe for some guys that would create another kind of “groin bomb.” Hmmm, could an air marshal arrest a guy for an involuntary erection? I can see the headlines now. “Men Arrested for Unauthorized Items in their Laps. Several young men and some middle aged men were arrested and removed from the plane when they refused to follow the orders of an air marshal to unerect their penises on command. The flight was carrying the final competitors of the national wet tee shirt team to a contest in L.A.”

Maybe that is what it will take to get some of you to wake up and realize that it is ALL about control and money. TSA is the problem. If you want your freedom back, you are going to have to Seize it back!