Militant Rants

I Rant, Again, On Political Parties and Cult Behavior

This is from an email I sent to a friend in Utah who sent a mass-mail with some commentary (an email forward) about what is happening in our country today.  The email was pretty good information, though it was soft-balled and didn’t really hit the heart of the matter.  So I sent the following response, which the original email sender amazingly agreed with (I expect some argument, as he is a strong Libertarian Party supporter):

People need to stop looking for a messiah, a magic bullet, a new member of the Cult of Personality that will save them.  Ron Paul can’t do it, Sarah Palin can’t accomplish it, Michelle Bachman won’t make any changes, nobody is going to really make a change.  You can elect all of the “great” candidates you want and you’ll still just be spitting into the wind.

What needs to change is this:
Deal with your local politicians.  Talk to your city, county, and state politicos and make sure they understand that no matter how much Big Money they have backing them, they will lost the next election if they don’t act right.  These are the people who are most likely to know you face-to-face and live where you live, send their kids to the schools your kids attend, etc.  They are the ones that when they F up, you can boycott them from grocery stores, shopping centers, go to their homes and make their lives miserable, and tar and feather if necessary.  These are the ones that the local cops, the sheriff, and the others that you also know personally may or may not defend when the mob comes for them.

When someone says that the government should provide them with this that or the other, tell them you aren’t paying for their welfare.  If they want whatever it is, they’re going to have to figure out how to get it their damn selves.  Then back that up by paying the least amount you can in taxes.  Only an idiot can’t figure out how to boil their federal income tax down to just the $2,500 self-employment tax minimum.  If the a-holes on Obama’s staff can figure how to pay less than 2% of their income in taxes, you can too.  Stop sending your money to Washington.

If your state has an income tax, MOVE or make it change.  What does Utah’s state income tax really pay for?  Think about that.  What, exactly, is it being used for?  Here in Wyoming, my property taxes are only $475/year vs. $1,800/year for a similar home in the Salt Lake Valley.  We have no state income tax, vehicle registrations are about 30% lower than UT, and our sales tax rate is only 4.6% in this county–the highest sales tax rate in WY.  In Utah?  They tax every damn thing at least twice.  For what?  Crap schools, even worse roads, and to fund the graft that has become institutionalized throughout.  Wyoming has a budget surplus every year and always has.

I could rant on and on about this, but those who really want change have already taken the steps I’ve given and more.  Those who don’t are just doing what they’ve always done and hoping it won’t come out the same way.  The GOP, the DNC, the LPN, the CP, none of those parties are going to do jack to fix anything anywhere.  Screw the parties.  Use them like the politicians do: they’re only tools to get someone elected.  Forget their platforms, their supposed ideologies, and their accoutrement.  They are tools just like your shovels, your guns, your cars, etc.  Treat them as such.  Your guns won’t save the world, your cars won’t save the world, neither will your political party.  Several party candidates (from several parties) can solve problems.  Just like several guns can win a battle and dozens of shovels can dig a trench.  One does little, many do a lot.  We need more than just the 2-party screw-job we have now.

That’s my rant.