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It’s not nuts to carry a gun in your front yard (and everywhere)

by Michael, Libertarian Punk

My friend Justin in Montana just sent this:


I’m not fishing for sympathy, I only tell you about this because you’re the person I consider most likely to convince people that having the means to protect themselves is a good idea.

The dead man is my brother-in-law, we had our differences, but we also had a deep respect for each other.  He was not only my family, he was my friend.  My brother-in-law was stabbed to death on his front porch early this morning by a man who he’s known and been friends with since childhood.  My brother-in-law’s house is right across the road from mine.

Michael, I have to admit that I’ve often thought you perhaps a bit paranoid for carrying a gun while out in your yard, especially in Casper, Wyoming.  You now have my solemn promise that I will never think of you in that light again.

Most people think they would never need a gun that close to home, especially when walking outside to talk to a “friend”.  My brother-in-law didn’t own a gun, and even if he had, it might not  have saved his life in this case, but it might have.  Empty handed, and caught totally off guard, he didn’t have a chance.  My home is now filled with weeping family members, many of them children, 3 of the children now fatherless.  All of this is due to senseless violence, and a defenseless victim.

Repost this anywhere you would like, use part of it, use all of it, I don’t care.  If it convinces just one person to take the steps necessary to protect themselves, then my brother-in-law did not die for nothing.  I refuse to believe that the world is a terrible and ugly place, but there are definitely terrible and ugly people in it.

Take care of yourself,