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Drone for Spying on Americans Outed

by American’s Journey

Watch as arrogant police hide from and lie to the public. Watch the one member of the secret police barely open his window – then close it as reporters came over.

Remember public funds are paying this arrogant secret police-person’s salary and for the cruiser he’s driving and the window he closed on the reporter in order to hide his face.

Notice how they made up stories about FAA flight restrictions.

Great reporting. Horrible police department because their actions demonstrate an US vs. THEM mentality with regards to the public. There’s an old saying the police should remember – “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Perhaps this video will show how serious the police really are about dictatorship-these are not police they are soldiers:

Reporter: “You mean shoot an American?” Nazi: “Yeah”

But, you may say, they need to protect us and confiscating weapons from the public is necessary. Wrong. Check this report on the significant drop in crime following the recent gun store shelf-emptying that followed the Obama administrations election – it shows that an armed public reduces crime. So what are they taking weapons for?
Read more FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders As Firearm, Ammunition And “Large” Magazine Sales Soar Here’s a snippet:

“Last week, the FBI issued its preliminary 2009 crime report, showing that the number of murders in the first half of 2009 decreased 10 percent compared to the first half of 2008. If the trend holds for the remainder of 2009, it will be the single greatest one-year decrease in the number of murders since at least 1960, the earliest year for which national data are available through the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Also, the per capita murder rate for 2009 will be 51 percent lower than the all-time high recorded in 1991, and it will be the lowest rate since 1963—a 46-year low.”

Conclusion: Anyone deceiving you with arguments that it is to your benefit, as a free citizen, to sacrifice your inalienable rights is your enemy.
Hat Tip to RBN