Militant Rants

Found Something Great? Submit It To MiliLib!

Well, most of you are aware that the comments section of this site, attached to each post and some pages, is open to anyone without requiring a login, email address, or anything else.  Those comments, however, are filtered automatically for spam, making it difficult to sometimes post links to blogs or articles you would like others to see.

Rather than open this place up to all the spambots and “personal massaging device” sellers, I instead found a great plugin that sets up a user submission form so that you can put in your name (or any name you’d like), an article title, and a URL to link to the original article.  You can also put in a short description of the article.

These will be displayed below the main article entries on the front page of the site, where you can see the setup active now.

Submit anything you’d like and that you think readers would enjoy seeing.  I will be moderating them one at a time for now, until it’s clear this won’t be abused.  This also gives me a chance to see what’s being submitted and possibly use it as a full article on the site.

So in a sense it’s a way for you to promote things you’ve seen around the Web and would like to share, your own work, and as another way to alert me to articles you think fit with MiliLib in general.  In case you’re afraid to email me or something. :)

Let me know what you think of the new setup.

In the future, I may be installing a small user’s forum for discussion topics, but am not sure that this is really going to get used here.  I know that the vast majority of you are big on privacy and prefer to be anonymous at all times, so a forum may not work well in this venue.  I’m open to discussion on that front as well.

So comment on his post, send me an email, or visit my profile or the fan page on Facebook and drop a line.