Rethinking Paradigms

Bravo Two Zero (movie)

starring Sean Bean

I re-published the book review for the book this movie is based on last Monday.  Now that I’ve seen the movie based on the book, I’ll say two things: the book is obviously better, but the movie is faithful to the book and was well done.  The movie is halfway between a narrated documentary and an action film.  To be honest, it was a little flat on several fronts.

The movie was made by the BBC, which explains a lot of the lack of drama and over-focus on documentary.  It stars Sean Bean, who you may recognize from Ronin with DeNiro.

Like the book, the story follows an 8-man British Special Forces (SAS) squad as they penetrate into Iraq in 1991 to take out a main communications line and the scud missiles it services.  The background idea is to keep Israel, on whom the scuds are mostly targeted, from entering the war and thus destroying the coalition which includes Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

When the squad is spotted and the shit hits the fan, everything that can go wrong basically does.

The story is well-told and true to the book, though obvious details and information that just won’t fit within a movie aren’t included.  The film is worth watching, but overall isn’t really that great.  The director spent too much time trying to make a documentary from the dramatic first person perspective and ended up with a film halfway between drama and documentary that misses both just enough to just fall flat.