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Declaration of Disobedience

Originally published Feb 20, 2004.

Declaration of Disobedience

WHEREAS: The Federal Government is in flagrant & repeated violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, its unique political contract with The People of the United States of America, and;

WHEREAS: The State and Local Governments act in collusion with, or by coercion from, said Federal Government, also resulting in flagrant & repeated violations of their political contracts with The People, and;

WHEREAS: This state of affairs pertaining, does afflict and intrude upon the God-given Unalienable Rights of The People, and upon the established Constitutional guarantees set forth in the Bill of Rights, and causes them great harm and suffering:

THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, that I Aaron Turpen, a citizen of the United States of America, do hereby declare & affirm the following, from this day forward, until such time as my Proper and Just Rights as an American citizen are restored:

Section I. Breach of Contract.

A. I hereby declare null & void the previously existing Political Contract between myself, and the Federal Government of the United States of America, and all of its agencies, branches, bureaus, commissions, departments, agents, employees, officials, and representatives.

B. I hereby withdraw my sanction and consent from the Federal Government, and from any entity acting upon its behalf or its behest, and do declare all statements made and all actions taken by such entities, in my name as a citizen, to be null & void.

C. Until such time as lawful and constitutional government is restored to the United States of America, I hereby reserve & retain my right to appoint or elect any others to serve in my stead, and will hereafter & do now, represent myself in all commercial, legal, political, social, and international affairs.

Section II. Actionable Behavior.

A. This Declaration of Disobedience is duly based upon the illegitimate and unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government of the United States of America, repeatedly made and invariably pursued, towards usurpation of the legitimate and proper rights of the Citizenry.

B. In partial proof of this repeated train of abuses, let the following facts of surreptitious laws enacted, during a single Congressional Session, be submitted to whom it may concern:

1. Public Law 104-193: Establishes a National database of all employed persons. Violation of the Fourth Amendment.

2. Public Law 104-191: Establishes “Health Care Crimes” and permits seizure of assets from Doctors & patients. Violation of Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments.

3. Public Law 104-191: Permits seizure of assets from any person establishing a foreign citizenship. Violation of Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.

4. Public Law 104-191: Establishes government access to all health records of citizens, including statements made by patients to doctors. Violation of First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.

5. Public Law 104-208: Makes it a federal crime to keep or bear arms within any local “school zone.” Establishes misdemeanors as basis for denial of Constitutional guarantees. Violation of Second, Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.

6. Public Law 104-132: Establishes “Star Chamber” Courts & secret trials. Allows citizens to be designated as “terrorists,” held without bail or charges in secret locations, & have unsubstantiated secret testimony used against them. Violation of Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments.

7. Public Law 104-208: Mandates “de facto” National Identification Cards for all citizens, and establishes mandatory fingerprinting of all citizens, as well as a coded & secret database on all citizens. Violation of Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.

Section III. Personal Sanctions.

A. I will no longer obey any law, rule or regulation which is not in clear accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America, as commonly understood in the plain English language.

B. I shall resist the enforcement of any law, rule or regulation upon my person, property, or life which is not in clear accordance with the provisions of the aforesaid Political Contract.

C. All forms of duties, fees, levies, and taxes hereafter paid in my name to the Federal Government, or its agents, are rendered under protest, and considered taken by duress, under threat of force.

Section IV. Personal Conduct.

A. Until such time as lawful and constitutional government is again restored to the United States of America, and in pursuance thereof, I will hereby alter my normal behavior as a sovereign American citizen, in the following manner:

1. I will no longer exercise my franchise to vote for federal elected “representatives,” or any federal question or issue.

2. I will no longer petition, or otherwise interact with, any “representative” of federal government, as a constituent.

3. I will no longer demonstrate respect towards any official or high office of federal government, without good cause.

4. I will no longer accede authority to, cooperate with, or be courteous to any government bureaucrat, without good cause.

5. I will no longer avail myself of federal programs, services, or “benefits.”

6. I will no longer work for, contract with, sell to, support or otherwise aid federal government.

7. I will no longer purchase goods or merchandise of new manufacture, which provides government with higher amounts of tax revenue.

8. I will no longer consider any government capable of, or willing, to protect my person or my Just Rights, I will keep and bear arms.

9. I will no longer take my Constitutional Rights for granted, but will jealously guard and vigorously exercise them all.

10. I will no longer treat my fellow American citizens as strangers, but as my friends and as my neighbors. I will help them to understand and exercise their rights as American citizens.

11. I will no longer live my life without the Liberty which is my birthright as an American citizen.

12. I will ignore all calls to serve in armed defense of our nation excepting those calls which denote a real and present danger to American borders. I will defend this nation as a free member of the militia, as prescribed by the Second Amendment and commonly defined as “able bodied men between 16-45 years of age.”

Section V. Affirmation.

With renewed reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, and with firm resolve, I do solemnly swear or attest that the above Declaration is a true and accurate statement of my beliefs, and intention, So Help Me God.

Signed: Aaron Turpen

Dated: February 20, 2004

Witnessed by two signature witnesses.

Signed again January 21, 2010.