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Why I Don’t Care About Brown Winning in Massachusetts

Note for readers: this is not “workplace safe” or “family friendly.”  Read it anyway.

I’m going to be quite frank and honest about this.  I couldn’t give less of a shit about Brown winning Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in Massachusetts.  I’ll tell you why, but those of you who are my “fans” and have read my diatribes before can probably guess what I’m about to say.

First off, he’s a Republican.  That makes him suspect.  Anyone who runs under the Republocrat or Demopublican flags should always be suspected of being just another big government politician until proven otherwise.  So far, I can count the number who’ve successfully proven otherwise on one hand.  I doubt Brown is one of them.

Second, he doesn’t oppose Obamacare.  He only opposes the current legislation.  Read his website if you don’t believe me.  It’s the second issue listed there.  Health care was the big issue that propelled him into the win and it is the debate that “framed” his off-season run for Senate.  Brown, like Palin and many others, has nothing but rhetoric to say and none of it is good.

Speaking of his issues page, the very next thing after health care is the economy.  He claims to be a “free enterprise advocate.”  That’s well and good, but his only mention of how he actually advocates it is by reducing taxes.  That might’ve worked for Reagan in the heady days of the 1980s, but it won’t work now.  He should also be talking about removing the cancer of corporate cronyism.   I think you all can guess about how I would go about removing that.  Think anarchy.

Finally, and probably most importantly, declaring that Brown’s win for the Senate (likely for life, like all the rest) is somehow a boon for liberty is just plain stupid.  If you want to argue with me and declare that it’s a “clear signal” or a “real shift in the body politic” or whatever, I’ll get that out of the way right now.  You’re a fucking idiot. Read on to find out why.

Brown doesn’t believe in liberty. He believes in GOP/Reaganite values.  That’s not liberty, that’s just swapping one rights-grabbing paradigm for another one.  Just because his paradigm means you get to keep going to church and owning a few guns doesn’t make it “free,” it just makes it different.  Tyranny is tyranny, no matter how pretty the flag.  He still wants to indoctrinate your kids, use your stolen loot to fund special programs, make it so that you have to have some kind of National ID to be employed (to avert immigration, of course), and so forth.

In fact, his statement on the Second Amendment, for all you one-issue freaks, is pretty empty while being short and looking concise.  He supports “safe and responsible gun ownership.”  That’s easy to read any way you’d like.  Here’s how I read it, because it’s been my experience: “I support government control over who is deemed ‘safe’ and ‘responsible’ and making catalogs and databases of who those people are.  Machine guns, grenade launchers, tanks, and probably assault rifles aren’t ‘firearms,’ they’re military weapons that have no place being covered by the Second Amendment.”

Again, until he’s proven otherwise (which he won’t), that is what he’s really saying.

And to reiterate, if you’re a big fan of Mr. Brown and think he’s going to make some kind of difference once he gets to Washington, fuck you too.  You obviously don’t pay attention to how our system works.  It’s primary job is to produce the illusion that you have a choice while summarily bending you over to creatively insert things in the exit-only hole.

Wake the fuck up.


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Somewhere earlier today I heard it called”a bandaid on a sucking chest wound”. I must agree completely.

Militant Libertarian

Perfect description! Wish I’d thought of that. :)


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