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21 Gun Dealers Arrested in Nevada

Thanks to @Charles H Mousseau Jr for the heads upon this one.

FBI arrests 21 in Las Vegas in foreign bribery case

by Steve Kanigher

The FBI arrested 21 people Monday in Las Vegas in what is being described as the largest single investigation and prosecution against individuals in the history of the Justice Department’s enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Those individuals and another person arrested in Miami are executives and employees of military and law enforcement products companies who were indicted for engaging in schemes to bribe foreign government officials to obtain and retain business, the Justice Department announced today.

U.S. charges 22 with bribery involving arms sales


The indictments accused the individuals, including Smith & Wesson Vice President for Sales Amaro Goncalves, with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA, and conspiracy to commit money laundering involving the sale of items including guns and body armor.

The FCPA prohibits the payment of bribes to foreign officials in order to secure business contracts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation set up sting operations that ensnared the 22 individuals on charges that they tried to bribe a purported African defense minister to win contracts.