Charge of the Sarah Palin Rough Riders

Posted: January 29th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

by Keith Johnson, Revolt of the Plebs

“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war”

William Randolph Hearst

There will be war…and there will be pictures.

There will be death and destruction, misery and pain.

But as the United States, Israel and Britain expand their empires, don’t expect to see footage of tanks draped in skulls rolling down urban streets as howling soldiers mow down anything that moves while gyrating to the beat of speed-metal-deathcore-rap.  Don’t expect to see pictures of a weeping mother caressing the heads of her two dead sons among the rubble of her meager dwelling.

War is hell.  War is ugly.  But the next war-brought to you in part by the state of Israel-will be poised as nothing short of beautiful; an oh-so-holy mission from God himself.  A very Judeo-Christian and patriotic endeavor to deliver the oppressed from their 3000 year old cultures.  A righteous crusdae to spread democracy and all the trappings that come with it:  a stripper in every lap and a “Whopper” in every mouth.

And that whole package may very well walk right into the camera frame wrapped in a pink dress and three inch stillettos heels.  Who am I talking about?  Why none other than the “Good Ship” Sarah Palin of course; with a bible tucked under one arm and a “special needs” child in the other, standing in front of an American flag with a radiant smile and long tan legs running all the way down from the hem of her short skirt to the floor of the stage.  And if you ask her if we should send more of our children off to die in another one of Israel’s wars she will most certainly reply with her patented“You betcha!”

I’d thought we’d heard the last of  Mrs. Palin after witnessing her pathetic performance in various debates and interviews and following all the scorn she received in the main stream press, the Saturday Night Live parodies and the very fact that she and running mate John McCain lost the election.  But I was wrong.  What alerted me to my analytical error was a recent CBS poll that indicated that she had very little chance of  rallying enough support to be considered a serious GOP candidate in 2012.  Was that meant to discourage her?  To the casual observer perhaps.  But that’s not how I see it.  I see this as just another episode in the on-going Sarah Palin saga that will no doubt extend into the next two years.

Sarah Palin is meant to be portrayed as a victim, an underdog, a come from behind, “Never say die”, grass-roots scrapper alienated by the main-stream press.  She’s meant to look that way in order to lure good, well intentioned patriots into her camp.  And good, well intentioned patriots will be fooled.  They will insist that if the MSM is treating her so unfairly she must be the genuine article.  But that’s just what they want you to think.  They want you believe that Sarah Palin has “gone rouge”, that she has distanced herself from the Republican Party and is now “doing things her way!”  They want her to come off as arrogant and bitter with a fresh fighting spirit hell-bent on proving them all wrong.

But is Sarah Palin the genuine article?  Is her popularity really as grass-roots as they would have you believe?  One need only do an eBay search of the name Palin to conclude that their ain’t nothing grass-roots about her at all.  There are over 2000 Sarah Palin related items up for bid.  There are Sarah Palin dolls, posters, calendars, commemorative watches and knives.  She has a best selling book (no doubt written by a ghost writer), 2 comic books, 3 video games, and dozens of “Sarah Palin 2012” placards, buttons and T-shirts.  She even has her own coloring book.  That’s right.  Now your kids can color in Sarah Palin’s blouse before she sends them off to die!  Just for fun I typed in another likely 2012 GOP hopeful: Newt Gingrich.  Now here is a guy who has been around a long time and has authored several books.  How many eBay items? 244.

Sarah Palin has the same cult appeal as some of our most popular U.S. Presidents.  But the one she reminds me of the most is another Zionist shill by the name of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the subject of Martin Scorseses’ next film written by Nicholas Meyer and Edmund Morris (I’ll leave that last part to your imagination as to why I mentioned them).  This film, starring the handsome and popular Leonardo DiCaprio, should come out just in time to work to Ms. Palin’s advantage and help stoke her ever increasing populist support.  But before I start drawing parallels between the two, let me point out an important highlight in the life of “Teddy” Roosevelt and how that inspired me to title this piece:

During Theodore Roosevelt’s run for the governorship of New York, flyers began circulating in Jewish communities with the title “Who Takes Revenge For Us?”  It’s opening sentence was “Every respectable citizen, every good American and every true Jew, must and will vote for the Republican gubernatorial candidate –Theodore Roosevelt.” They were capitalizing on Roosevelt’s wartime rise to fame during the Spanish-American War and his creation of the “Rough Riders”, a regiment of physically exceptional volunteers who led an attack on San Juan Hill in Cuba that contributed to the American defeat against the Spanish in 1898.

To rally support for Roosevelt, the Republicans stoked the sentiments of hatred against the Spanish for the ill treatment the Jews had suffered under the Spanish Inquisition.  The flyers were to remind Jews that:

“Our ancestors, good and useful citizens, made rich Spain’s treasury; outfitted the ships which discovered America and gave Spain the power that made her a great nation. How did Spain reward them?  Spain took away everything her Jews had, and she sent her Jews to the dungeons of the Inquisition and the fires of the auto da fe.  When President McKinley gave the word that Spain should move out of the New World, Theodore Roosevelt worked day and night until he worked out all the plans for our navy and then, at his own, expense organized a Regiment of Rough Riders and went to the battle field to meet the foe. . . Under Roosevelt’s command there were many Jewish Rough riders. Roosevelt was like a brother to them.  He recommended them to the president for promotions, and sang their praises to the world.”

The flyers were meant to recruit Jewish support for Roosevelt’s candidacy but fell short by a vast majority due to the infancy of Jewish immigration.  New York Jews sided with the Democratic Party who was more sympathetic to the plight of new arrivals and their difficulty in finding work.  But it laid the ground work for an eventual meteoric rise to fame and Jewish support that would eventually secure him the presidency.

So now let’s examine the lives and careers of both Roosevelt and Palin.  When you do  you will find some striking similarities:  Both were seated Governors at the time they were recruited by the GOP as Vice Presidential candidates.  Both were athletic outdoorsy types.  Both were known as “corruption fighters”.  They both had mass appeal and peppered their speeches with catchy slogans like“I speak softly but I carry a big stick” or “I was just your average hockey mom who joined the PTA..” and “You betcha”. Both portrayed war as a gallant and adventurous campaign that is as American as baseball and apple pie.  Both wore glasses (O.K., let me have some fun here), and both were and are destined to become beloved and colorful characters throughout the pages of history books primarily due to their shared love of the state of Israel.  And although Israel didn’t exist during the time of Roosevelt,  he was certainly an ardent supporter of it’s creation.  Roosevelt is known to have said that “It seems to me that it is entirely proper to start a Zionist State around Jerusalem, and [that] the Jews be given control of Palestine.”

Though it is difficult to judge the sincerity and motivations that guided Roosevelt during his political career, I can say with the uttmost confidence that Sarah Palin is“the real deal”.  Do I like her?  No.  Do I think she is good for America?  Definitely not.  But I do believe that she is sincere.  I believe that she believes in everything that she stands for.  That’s what sets her apart from other politicians and that’s what makes her so dangerous.  She can’t be bought and she can’t be sold.  As far as she is concerened she is doing God’s work and she does not intend to fade quietly into the night.  Likewise for her most ardent supporters; the evangelical Juedo-Christians whose minds are so warped that their greatest dream in life is to die; not a natural death but more along the lines of the “Hale-bopp Comet Cult”: a group waiting for something to make a pass across planet Earth in order to facilitate an “ouch-less” suicide pact that simultaneously swoops up all members from the difficulties of life and delivers them into an eternal utopia of bliss.  But while they’re waiting, they’d like to see all E-vile Mooslims either converted to Christianity or exterminated while at the same time transforming America into a theocratic police-state.

Think I’m kidding?  I’m sure Sarah Palin could describe her plan in more appealing ways.  But regardless of which version is easier on your ears (or eyes),  you know I’m telling the truth.

I truly believe that Mrs. Palin would give her life for God and country.  She would never ask of you what she would not do herself.  And she has already demonstrated that by packing her own son off to war.  I must commend her for living up to her convictions, no matter how wrong-headed I find them to be.

So what are her priorities?  What direction would she take this country in?  Well, if you judge by the 2008 McCain/Palin campaign slogan you have your answer:  “Country First”. But which country?  My guess is Israel.

But Sarah  Palin is not your typical Sunday morning John Hagee war-hawk.  This Christian soldier is on the extreme right of even that group of crazies.  Palin was schooled in a church that preached the “Third Wave, Latter Rain, Dominionist” form of evangelical, dispensationalist theocracy.

I plucked this from an article I found on the Information Clearing House website dated September 5, 2008 by Rachel Tabachnik titled “Palin’s Churches and the Third Wave”:

Sarah Palin has refused to acknowledge belonging to any specific denomination or any particular religious stream.  However, it is now well documented that she spent her youth in an Assembly of God church and has regularly attended another AoG church, as well as two Independent Churches. At least three of four of these churches have close ties to prominent organizations and leaders in the Third Wave movement, also known as the New Apostolic Reformation….

As Pentecostal denominations were developing institutionally and joining forces with the larger Evangelical body, a new revival was brewing.  It was grounded in the ideas of Latter Rain, a theology that had, from the beginnings of Pentecostalism, been used to juxtapose their belief in their end time supernatural gifts with the imminent doomsday scenario of Dispensationalism.  The New Order of the Latter Rain was led by faith healer William Branham. George Warnock wrote Feast of Tabernacles in 1951, considered to be the classic text of the movement.

These theologies greatly altered the doomsday narrative of Dispensationalism.  Dispensationalists were consumed with the role `ethnic Jews’ must play in the apocalyptic drama by returning to Israel and rebuilding the Temple.  Warnock’s Feast of Tabernacles redefined the Jewish feast days in Christian terms with each representing a fulfillment of the coming Kingdom of Jesus.  The Feast of Tabernacles, which corresponds with the Jewish celebration of Sukkot, is not yet fulfilled.  Its fulfillment signifies the manifestation of the Sons of God or Overcomers who would take dominion over the earth.  There would be no more waiting passively for the Rapture.  A non-denominational and global church not divided by doctrine would be restored through the Fivefold Ministry and recapture the earth from evil, therefore allowing the return of Jesus.  The most extreme form of this theology included the idea that these Manifest Sons of Gods would achieve perfection of the saints and become like small gods themselves with great supernatural powers.


Dominionism encompasses Christian groups which believe that they must work not only to improve the world, but that they are mandated to literally take dominion over  society and government of the U.S and the earth.

Her church in Wasilla, Alaska is also known to engage in a practice known as “Spiritual Warfare”; a military model designed around a regiment of hard praying and arm-twisting.

Now we already know how devoted this woman is to Israel.  We know that she had an Israeli flag prominently displayed in her Governor’s office and she has been quoted as saying that we cannot “second guess Israel”.  So what does this kind of thinking lead us to conclude?  There is nothing this woman would not do for Israel.  There is no crime or atrocity that Israel could commit that would warrant even the slightest criticism.  Her very soul depends on complete, unconditional, blind allegiance to the State of Israel.  Scary, huh?

And now it is rumored that World Net Daily chief Joseph Farah is being considered as a potential running mate.  Can you imagine that?  Look out world!  Jesus is coming…and he’s pissed!

Sure she’s as dumb as a box of rocks but when has knowing anything been a pre-requisite for acquiring political clout.  Just look at clowns like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  These two guys spun top 40 records before they became respected political pundits.  Two of the toughest talking men in America haven’t even served in the military or even been in a fight.  They prove that you don’t have to have an exceptional mind or any amount of political experience to make good with the American people.  All it takes is one thing:  allegiance Israel.  Do that and the fame and money will start pouring in.

That’s right, folks!  The Sarah Palin cancer is no longer in remission!  It has now become malignant and is coming to a town near you!  Next stop:  Nashville, Tennessee, where Sarah Palin and her band of “Rough Riders” will attempt to take the “Tea Party Movement” by storm.  And, as expected, many from the Republican Party have decided to distance themselves from this event.  But that only gives her more strength.  It gives her “Street Cred” to the hapless patriots that will be suckered into her web.

Snap out of it, Patriots!  I don’t suggest that you not attend; to the contrary.  Show up in full force.  Make your way to the front of the stage and hoist those signs high: “NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!”  Make a scene!  Be heard!  Don’t let her horses trample you down.  Stand your ground…and take that hill!


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  1. Ron says:

    Thanks for the chuckle! Blogs are a great place for writers to stretch their thin evidence over a giant framework of personal opinion.

  2. Deo says:

    Every decision Sarah Palin has made in the last few months, especially quitting the Alaska governorship, has been focused on making her more money to throw around back home. Maybe she’ll run for office, but right now she’s got a concentrated set of rubes that think she’s the alpha and the omega and if she can bleed them dry in the process of worshipping her, she’ll just say “You betcha!”

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