USA: Police State

When Government Fears its own People

by Marti Oakley, ThePPJ

It seems patriot groups are springing up all over the place, each of them hoping to be the catalyst for change and all of them lamenting the loss of freedom and the downward spiral of our sovereign nation into one of a dictatorial police state.

While the entire country reels from the onslaught of unconstitutional regulations and codes that are contrary to our Constitutional rights and liberties we are none-the-less regularly assaulted both in print and video by those who see these efforts as a threat to what I can only assume is their own perceived benefit from maintaining the status quo.

While I do not agree with all that each of the patriot groups propose or advocate, I do, however, support their right to express their grievances; even if it does irritate the powers that be.  And, the only conclusion I can come to as to why these groups should present such a problem and elicit such a barrage of threatening and flaming commentary is because they are actually citing the problems and fighting back.

Contrary to what the media and the government would have you believe, these patriot groups are not comprised of only right wing radical, religious extremists.  I have attended these meetings along with many of my Democrat friends, even though I do not subscribe to either or any political party.  In attendance were many others who had no political affiliations, and especially not with the Republicans.  These group efforts are not about which party you do or don’t belong to.  They are about the common cause of fighting back against government encroachment.  But, I guess that doesn’t make for titillating news coverage and pretty much negates the arguments that its all extremists of one stripe or another.

I recently saw a comment on an article by John Wallace from Liberty NewsOnline.  John had meticulously laid out the issues the Continental Congress had addressed in their recent meeting.  The commenter used words like “dangerous”, “radical”, “nutcase”, “extremists”….all the bait words that are supposed to make us sit down and shut up lest we be labeled the same way.  Oh! And I forgot…..This congress was really just a front for tax evasion all on behalf of one individual.

The same commenter cited the 10th Amendment Center group, saying they didn’t know what they were talking about and were simply trying to nullify laws they didn’t like and that the 10th Amendment did NOT give states self determining sovereignty or the right to nullify unconstitutional federal mandates.  The hell it doesn’t.  Nullification by the states has most recently been enacted to refuse compliance to the infamous REAL ID act, and in 18 States, to reject marijuana laws mandated by the Fed under the “War on  Drugs” sink hole; a real money maker for the government.

While these detractors spout their anti-American rhetoric about who is dangerous, radical, extremist, fringe or possible domestic terrorists, the fact remains that groups like Oathkeepers, the 10th Amendment Center, the Tea Party’s continue to grow.  The recent SCOTUS ruling that gave human rights to corporate entities was a boon to grassroots organizations fed up with the Fed.

In the recent past, Homeland Security actually issued its list of “suspected domestic terrorists” which included returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, Ron Paul supporters, anyone who talked about the Constitution, anyone who opposed the wars, anyone who talked about the bill of rights, supports Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin or is opposed to abortion, and federal taxation and illegal immigration.  It must be hell to be so frightened of your own people as a result of all the harm you have caused them and having been caught in so many lies and deceptions that a list had to be prepared to determine who the government feared most. MIACC Report.

Here’s my take on who is dangerous, radical, extremist, nutballs, nutcases, and a general threat to the country:

  • The 18 or more spy agencies dedicated to surveillance and unwarranted threat to the nation in general.
  • The Fusion Centers, where federal and state corporate employees spend their time data mining any and all information on US citizens
  • The CDC that takes its orders from the World health Organization more commonly referred to as the World Homicide Organization.
  • Our militarized police and sheriff departments who have been outfitted like star wars storm troopers and who are armed with lethal weapons for no other reason than to use them on us.
  • The CIA, prohibited by law from operating within the geographical boundaries of the US but who it is known, has implanted itself into our state governments and who openly operate on our streets and in our communities.
  • The incorporated state agencies at every level in every state who no longer serve as public servants but who instead serve the corporations they are employed by.
  • And most importantly those broadcasters, TV personalities, political hacks, and other social misfits who routinely castigate, make fun of, belittle, degrade, and otherwise attempt to humiliate those who have forfeited their own safety and well being to stand up and say we’ve had enough; this is not who we are supposed to be.

Those who throw around the Newt Gingrich theory of using negative terms to describe those you fear most, is not having the desired affect.  The discontent of the population, the knowing that our demise as a sovereign nation is at hand unless we are prepared to make a stand and fight back grows each and every day.  And with it, the numbers of individuals who have decided they would rather die fighting than to roll over and play dead, grows exponentially.So to all you Oathkeepers, Tea Party’ers, 10th’ers, or whoever else is out there trying to make a difference I say “go for it!”. You have nothing to fear but a government who is terrified of you and a bunch of insider wannabe’s who would sell their soul before they would ever stand up and be counted; cowards are like that.

Hat Tip: NationalExpositor