Americans are quite capable of self-governing

Posted: February 14th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

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Scott Rasmussen, pollster and president of the Rasmussen Reports, recently released his new book, “In Search of Self-Governance,” in which he makes the case that “Americans don’t want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. The American people want to govern themselves.”

It’s his job to know these things, and I believe he is right. In these days of big political party tug-of-war, with both Democrats and Republicans in a heated battle for our attention, support and allegiance, I am glad to see someone finally gets it.

We are entering another election cycle where we will be inundated with messages crafted to persuade us which side — right or left — will be the better rulers of this state and this nation. But the American people don’t want rulers, we want freedom: freedom from interference and control over our lives and liberties; freedom to create our own businesses which create jobs for us and for our neighbors; freedom to keep all the fruits of our labor, protected from confiscation via taxation; freedom from the adverse effect of that so-called “unholy alliance” between big corporations, public employee unions and government, where profits are privatized, but losses are socialized through bailouts and subsidies using our wealth — a system that persists regardless of which party is in charge.

The American people are fed up with paternalistic over-reaching government, and we are starting to shout, “Enough is enough!” Freedom is the unifying factor missing from today’s divisive political dialogue.

Americans are smart, resilient and resourceful. We have the courage to face our adversities.

If all our wealth was taken away today, we would be at it again tomorrow, creating more wealth and fixing our economy on our own. But, if government isn’t told to take a hike, we will be forever hitched to its wealth-sucking treadmill, always just shy of losing our shirts at each economic downturn.

Our freedom and liberty are essential to economic recovery.

Mr. Rasmussen certainly has his finger on the pulse of American sentiment. Our national and state leaders should best heed his warning, and submit themselves to our demand that they get out of the way, and let us govern our own lives as a free people.

Jack Thorsen



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