Militant Rants

In Which I Am Told I’ve Sold Out

So I’m sitting here holding the Mini Militant in one arm while reading through my news feeds when I come across a post on a blog that I subscribed to long ago and whose owner rarely seems to post.  Good news there, since I’m really not interested in reading the clueless diatribes of those “conservatives” who fail to understand that the GOP is not G-O-D.  Especially naive ones who can’t even vote yet.

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t be mean and I don’t really want to be, really.  Honest.  Especially in front of the kid.  She’s only a month old.  Mini Militant, I mean, not the blog owner to which I refer.

So, the blog is commentary from a self-described “libertarian conservative capitalist.”  She should rename that label for herself to “redundant oxymoron redundancy.”  Now, here’s the deal.  I realize that the reason she posted what she did is because myself and her dad are pretty much her only blog readers.  I also know that she probably posted what she did hoping that I’d do exactly what I’m doing now, which is link to her blog (smugly, by linking to my comment on her blog – complete with cat looking into the commode to show what I think of it all).

I realize that this whole setup from her was nothing more than a cheap trick to get me to link to her blog so that she can bask in my awesomeness.  The problem?  I’m a sucker for hot chicks.  [There’s probably a PC term for that, but I’m not familiar with it, so just be offended and get it over with]

So she says that my blog is like a .gov site and that because of this, I’ve somehow sold out.  Hmm…

I’ll point you all back to the “redundant oxymoron redundancy” label and then pose a simple question:

Does being a Militant Libertarian mean you have to do stuff for free and you aren’t allowed to sell out?

Let’s analyze.

Militant: aggressive: extremely active in the defense or support of a cause, often to the point of extremism.

Libertarian: advocate of individual responsibility: somebody who believes in the doctrine of free will.

(These both thanks to Encarta World English Dictionary)

So a Militant Libertarian is extremely active in the defense or support (even to the point of extremism) of individual responsibility and the doctrine of free will.  So… selling out appears to be an option, as I see no prohibition in either the idea of extremism nor free will.  As a side note, if I have sold it, I did so very cheaply because I don’t make squat off this site. Feel free to change that for me.  Link at the right. :)

The venue through which my Militant Libertarian(ism) is promoted is this website, which has gone through three renditions in its several years online.  The current magazine-style layout being the latest.

A website is a marketing tool, no matter how you try to slice it down to its component parts.  Everything about a website is marketing: the look, the feel, the content, etc.  Having spent a lot of time working with, around, and inside websites, I can assure you that at their core, they are a marketing tool.  This particular website is a not-for-profit (.org) endeavor which works to market the idea of Militant Libertarian(ism).

The chief tool for doing that is content.  That content, which currently updates with from 5-10 blog posts per day, must be presented to the reader in such a way that it can be most easily digested by the customer (that would be you, reader).  Hence the look, feel, layout, and so forth of the website.

Not to mention share my glib commentary and extremely insightful prose with my adoring fans.  OK, I just wanted to say “glib.”

So to wind up this diatribe and friendly bashing of a fellow blogger dwelling in the wide girth of the freedom movement: I can lay out my shit any way I want, dammit.  You got your link, so shut up and get off my property before I call your mom.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the serious business of plotting the overthrow of the police state, beginning with the party known as the GOPDNC.

Right after I change Mini Militant’s diaper and mail the dirty one to Nancy Pelosi.  Which tells you that I’m on the Congressional Ps already, so this kid goes through a lot of poop-catchers.