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A Response to An Open Letter to Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal

On one of my favorite sites, Libertarian Punk, Michael W. Dean of Casper writes an open letter to Governor Dave Freudenthal.  For those of you who don’t know, he’s the governor here in Wyoming and he’s a Democrat.  I’ve reprinted Michael’s short letter to the governor below and then will have some responses.  This should be fun.

Hello Governor Dave,

If you plan to change the term limits and run a third term, as many conjecture, I would like to propose that you change your party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

I don’t suggest this only because Republicans are doing better now and are more popular, though we are. I suggest it because I think that you’re more fiscally conservative than most Democrats, so the switch would only makes sense. You’re more Republican than some Republicans, including the governor of California.

You’re in favor of preserving the Second and Tenth Amendments, things that most liberals are against. You favor Castle Doctrine and lower taxes, and are more willing to trust people to take care of themselves rather than feeling we need overlording and nannying. This trust is another mark of classic liberty-minded Republicans. You’re also more of a friend of liberty, and more fiscally conservative, than the Republicans who’ve run against you in the past.

You want the federal government out of the lives of Wyomingites, and are taking steps toward enforcing that. For all of this, I commend you.

As Democrats in America move to the left, favoring bigger government and higher taxes, and Republicans return to a Goldwater-like respect for the Founders’ ideals, I think the tag “Democrat” no longer fits you.

Come on over to the other side, Dave, it’s nice here! You’re already most of the way anyway, why not make it official?


Wyoming contact for the Republican Liberty Caucus

My response is encapsulated in my comment on the Libertarian Punk blog:

Why does it matter whether he’s a Repub or a Demo? For me, his being a Dem acting as a Repub just proves that there’s little difference between the two parties.

Have at you!


Militant Libertarian

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Conservatives are ****s. Governor Freudenthal is a nice guy in addition to all of the qualities this blogger highlights. Therefore he can’t be a republican (i.e. Dave cares about his fellow man).

Militant Libertarian

lmao That’s OK. Most liberals I’ve met like to talk about “helping people,” but what they really want to do is control them. So it works both ways.


Right. Like fighting for reproductive rights, right to die and same sex civil rights just to name a few. So controling. I’m shocked ML, seems like a libertarian would recognize these issues as being supportive of individual freedoms.

Militant Libertarian

You name three out of a thousand “rights” the liberals attempt to force. Universal health care? “Free” public transportation? Forcing everyone to pay for abortions? That’s just the beginning. As for gay marriage, the question that liberals don’t ask (because it would mean removing POWER) is why government is involved in marriages to begin with. Marriage is between people and their god(s). What’s government got to do with it? In fact, what’s government got to do with any of the issues you brought up?

Michael W. Dean

I was really just being a wiseass when I wrote this open letter to Gov Dave.

I don’t care what party someone’s in, as long as they’re not trying to rape my rights. Gov Dave is one of the few modern Democrats who is not trying to rape my rights.

Unfortunately, he’s not running for a third term. He just announced that.

But there are some Republican state senators in Wyoming who are as libertarian as Ron Paul. Hopefully one of them will run for Governor, and win.


Militant Libertarian

Ya. As it is, though, I’m more impressed with the Wyo politicians than I have been with any other state I’ve lived in (TX and UT). At least your LTEs get published. I’ve sent three now to the Tribune-Eagle and been ignored all three times. Oh well. I’m not very nice about it anyway. :)

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