Militant Rants

The New Surge Towards Codex Alimentarius

by Aaron Turpen, AEC

Several of the latest items in the news are all pointing towards a new surge in the rapid implementation of Codex Alimentarius. John McCain’s Dietary Suplement Safety Act of 2010 (S.3002), Canada’s recent approval of genetically modified pigs, and the huge proliferation of genetically modified foods at market are all spelling total food control, coming fast.

McCain’s bill requires all dietary supplement manufacturers (vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc.) to come under FDA control and registration. Further, everyone in the supplement supply chain, from manufacturers to retail stores, must be registered so they can be monitored.1

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is on the brink of approving genetically modified pigs (called “enviropigs”) for use in the food supply. This is the first step towards pigs that have been crossed with mice being on the dinner plates of Canadians throughout the provinces.2

At the same time, a Canadian regulatory authority has told pharmacies to remove supplements from their shelves unless they have met with Health Canada standards – standards which have a five year backlog, currently.3

The biggest threat to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Codex Alimentarius implementation is the health supplement market and the well-educated people who tend to purchase those products for their own use.  Despite health supplements not being able to list their health benefits on their packaging in America, supplements are one of the fastest-growing markets in the health industry overall.

The enemy of Codex Alimentarius, therefore, is people like you and I and the companies who provide us with the supplements and whole foods we rely on for our own health.

Health Canada, for its part, is good friends with the Codex Alimentarius.4 The United States isn’t far behind, with the USDA having a special task force within the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for the Codex.5 That’s not all, the primary force behind the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius agenda is.. the United States.6

This, of course, is done on behalf of the multi-national pharmaceutical (aka Big Pharma) companies, conglomerate agribusiness, and (as always) the banks that back them. So far, the WHO’s Codex group has been instrumental in insuring the adoption of GMO and GM food crops around the world, especially in many of the world’s major food producers in the second and third worlds.

The ultimate goal of the Codex, once you look past it’s feel-good mission statement, is to remove the real health movement and its supplements and foods, so that they can be replaced with the “well regulated” foods of the huge corporate conglomerates that mass-produce garbage and poison and call it “food.”

We are well on the way towards full implementation of the Codex Alimentarius. Will you stand by and watch it happen?

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