USA: Police State

The State Protects…the State

from LRC

Writes Daniel:

Telling thing about the Pentagon shooting, Lew: Couple of miles down the road African Americans are getting shot all the time, and they are lucky to get the police to come around to take a report. But the moment a shooter threatens the state there is an amazing mobilization of police and paramilitary force (after the fact, of course) shutting down traffic and everything in sight for an investigation. At the Pentagon this morning, which is closed, I could see several semi-trucks with crime scene investigation labs and dozens of police cars, lights blazing, as every inch every millimeter is combed for evidence. When we mere taxpayers are victims of a crime, the bare minimum of assistance is provided, if we are lucky. Also funny to see the swaggering cops in the metro station, sauntering three by three in the most threatening manner. Don’t they know through all their toughness and arrogance that, in fact, they failed — failed to prevent a crime?

UPDATE from Daniel:

Also, look at how the cops treat the witnesses:

Gary Fiddler was in the Metro station at the time of the shooting. “We were told by one of the police officers who had a gun pointed at us that an officer had been shot and it was a dangerous situation,” Fiddler tells WTOP.

Mili Note: Now look at how the State controls the media by, well, almost literally telling them what to print.  They give them the key information they need, along with a few keywords to use, and viola!  A headline that promotes the, you guessed it.. State!

Here’s the AP headline that went out hours after the incident at the Pentagon:

Angry anti-gov’t writing linked to Pentagon gunman